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Mixed reaction to man cycling nude – New Zealand Herald

Reaction to this event and report is fairly typical: some laissez-fire and some prudish, with everything in between. It is great that pioneers such as this heroic cyclist have the courage to push the boundaries of nude acceptance. The more this happens, the better it will be for naturism. The overwhelming reaction is positive. Its only a matter of time before nudity becomes as acceptable as, for example, LGBT today – remember when that branch of society was at the same stage as naturism today, and they had a far steeper hill to climb. After all, all we naturists are advocating is exposure of our natural form. How hard can that be?

Mixed reaction to man cycling nude. New Zealand Herald. A man who went for an afternoon drive got more than he bargained for on Thursday. Taradale man Deane Hadfield was heading down Seafield Rd, near …

Source: Mixed reaction to man cycling nude – New Zealand Herald



My first childhood naked memory is vague: probably memorable only because it was my first ‘scary’ nude experience.


I have no idea how old I was at the time of this, my first nudist event. It was before I left grammar school for sure but I suspect it was much earlier than that. It happened while my parents were out, so  must have been at an age when I could be left alone at home without supervision.  Early teens then.

Our family home in England at that time and for most of my life before college was a small rural bungalow (single-story house – does anyone use the word ‘bungalow’ anywhere other than UK?) on the side of a small hill (a mound really) looking over a farmland valley. We enjoyed uninterrupted views with no buildings to spoil our wonderful view to distant mountains (English mountains that is, so mere molehills to other nationalities). A few homes and a pub sat on the crest of the hill over the valley, half a mile away.  A road came directly over the hill and although there wasn’t much traffic, at night the headlights of cars sweeping over the hill, momentarily focussed on our home, their beams often brightly visible for less than a second before passing on.

My bedroom was at the rear of the property and my window looked out onto a sloping small flower garden and an expansive veg patch which my Dad tended with less than enthusiastic endeavour, but everyone had to have veg garden at that time, didn’t they? Certainly in our family at least, so maybe it was even a case of unspoken family rivalry.

Immediately outside my bedroom window, a pathway from the kitchen led along the back and around the side of our home.  It was easy to hop out, an escape route I had used often over the years. On this memorable occasion, with the place to myself except for my younger sister asleep in her room, in the dark of night I escaped from my room through my window – completely naked!

I wouldn’t have dared to sneak around the rest of our home naked, even if my sister was out.  It was simply too risky.  Of course, now I realise that there was no risk at all in our remote location, but at the time it was a bridge too far.

I vaguely recall in the mists of my early memories that it probably wasn’t the fist time I had experimented with outdoor nudity. Perhaps I did it every time an opportunity arose – my folks didn’t go out much. But on this fateful occasion, I clearly remember that I was creeping nervously down the side of the building when, horror of horrors, a car crested the rise on the opposite hill and its main beam momentarily shone right into my eyes.  I was in a spotlight, there on an illusionary stage, for all to see


I panicked!  I scurried back round the house, through my window and hurriedly donned my PJs, as though someone was hot on my heels. I was convinced that the car’s occupants must, in fact couldn’t have avoided, seeing me stark bollock naked, clearly lit up in the beam of their headlights.

I was also convinced that retribution was inevitable. Somehow, my parents would be told and I would be punished and, worse, shamed.  I later realised when I started driving myself aged 17 that it would have been impossible to have seen me (or anyone) in the headlights at such a distance even if they had been looking, which they wouldn’t be as they would have been watching the road.

Of course, none of that happened, but I doubt I took any more ‘risks’.  Nude experimenting was at an end for more than a decade. But I believe that this brief event had a lasting negative affect on my naturist psyche.

For a start, it’s clear that my sense that nudity was wrong was already ingrained at that age. Nudity simply wasn’t acceptable within my family and social circle.  It was something to be hidden. I could admit my developing leanings to no-one, family or friends.

However, it was also clear from my experiments with nudity that this was something in my makeup, maybe even in my genes as I was to discover many years later. I recall pre-puberty fantasies in which family and family friends met, as we did of course, but we were all naked.  I remember fantasising about girls in my junior school, conjuring up scenarios where we kissed – yes, actually kissed! And guess what. You guessed: we were naked!  My naturist imagination never left me, even through my formative (and wild) teenage years, when nudity took a back seat.

My unwarranted sense of shame about my own nudism still haunts me on occasions even today, decades later, although I understand and control it to a great extent, despite my occasional adult incidents which left me unnecessarily ashamed on each occasion. Even though I have been accustomed to and have embraced home and social naturism since my late teens, it’s taken a real effort on my part to publicly open up as a naturist.

Home Chores (2)

I sometimes reflect on what may have happened if that long ago ‘spotlight’ on my early nudist experiment hadn’t happened. Would my lifelong unreasonably-focussed sense of shame have remained undeveloped or was it already too ingrained by even then to have had little impact?

A rhetorical question I’ll never be able to answer, of course.  At least, even though there is a flicker of shame still dormant in my psyche, I believe now that I have overcome this and can live my life naturally and free. Age and experience does that!

What were your earliest memories?








Work At Home Nude Day

For many, February 5 is Work At Home Nude Day.

Fortunately, it was business as usual for me.  I work at home nude every day.  Gratefully!

WAHN Day 160205

So, how many knew about this special day? Of course, we naturists know that it should be supported and publicised in every broadsheet and tabloid under the sun but there didn’t seem to be much in the popular press this year. All PR is good PR for the naturism cause, isn’t it?  So how do we get it out there so that as many people know about this as possible?

Joseph and Josephine Public don’t necessarily need to join in!  They don’t even need to take it seriously. They simply need to be aware of it: to laugh, think, consider, chat about it… But some, in addition to work at home nude aficionados like us, may do more and join our ranks, if only for one day each year. Small victories in the march towards total acceptance of naturism are crucial.

It seems that the media apogee for this event may have been in 2013. Certainly not a lot since other than on naturist media.  Nothing seems to have hit the popular press this year.  Please prove me wrong!

Our Australian friends seem to have a different day, possibly 6 December?  Flying Solo can help answer that perhaps. Or maybe even some time in March according to an Australian National News broadcast (unless they had been holding the broadcast back for a slow news day).  This YouTube video from a news team there takes a cheeky look. I found it satisfyingly positive and definitely entertaining.  Even the presenters joined in the fun. We need more coverage like this.

But how many of us home workers do actually work in the nude?

According to in Feb 2013, 30 million people in US work from home at least once each week.  They also say that this will increase by 63% (exactly 63%? Not 62.5% or 63.19756%) over the next 5 years. That’s a lot of people, back then and certainly now at 3 years later – must be well over 40 million now if that’s to be believed (and of course, Forbes is most definitely to be believed).  The article says that they do so because, in descending order of popularity, for such reasons as:

  1. To avoid the commute
  2. For greater time flexibility
  3. To achieve greater productivity (less meetings and other distractions)
  4. To save money

I’ll add another:

5. To be able to work nude.

Somehow the article failed to mention number 5…

In June 2014, BBC reported that in UK the Office of National Statistics (ONS) – that’s got to be one of life’s most exciting careers, alongside astronaut and F1 racing driver – claimed that 4.2 million Brits representing 13% of the total workforce work from home. Most are self-employed 63% and 35% are professionals, all prime demographic candidates for naturist lifestyles, don’t you think?

In 2011 The Telegraph in UK claimed that 8% of home workers don’t get dressed.  They call that working in pyjamas (that’s pajamas for my reader over the pond). Maybe, but tee shirts, underwear and less too probably. They also claim that 1 in 10 men wear a suit and tie at home. Come on! Unless these people have queues of visitors that need to be impressed, that’s a hard stat to swallow.

By April 2014, however, the Daily Mail – and I always believe everything the Mail prints – claimed that the Telegraph’s 8% in PJs was now up to a healthy 20%.

More interesting is the Mail’s claim that 2% work totally naked!

So now we have it: 2% of, say, 40 million home workers in USA and of 4.2 million in UK work at home naked.

That means that at least 800,000 Americans (assuming the increase promised by Forbes) and at least 84,000 Brits worked naked at home on Work At Home Nude Day on Feb 5.

Add to that all of those that stumbled across media and press publicity early enough in the day to make it matter, say another 10.

That means that, as stats never lie, in US and UK 884,010 people turned up the heating and worked naked at home on the big day.

If we add the Rest of Europe, Australasia, bits of Asia, the rest of the Americas, darkest and not so dark Africa and the Middle East – OK, no, not the Middle East – that must mean that well over a million regularly work naked on any given day around the globe. Impressive eh?

And they do that every day, notwithstanding the ‘special’ day.  Just like me.

And that’s why it’s important to swell our ranks with those that wouldn’t normally work naked by extra publicity or in any other way possible.  Spread the word.

It feels good to me to know that while I sit here all alone in my comfortable study contemplating my next paycheck, there is a host of like-minded souls beavering away in all corners of the world, happily working naturally.

Keep up the good nude work!

Shock Horror

Daily MirrorCaIcOiWWYAA27Ph (2)

What is BBC1 coming too? A PENIS! On TV! Just after the watershed, with no warning!

The social media hue and cry was a joy to behold. The epic Tolstoy masterpiece and tome is serialised exceptionally well by BBC and this week’s 5th episode was ambling along nicely. Prince Bolkovsky magnanimously ordered his troops, on the retreat in 1812 from Napoleon, to bathe in a lake.  Presumably they were beginning to hum.

War & Peace Glimpse of Reality

As he approached the lake on horseback, the water was filmed teeming with naked soldiers. One of the soldiers waded out of the water towards him to invite Bolkonsky to join them, and in so doing offered affronted/excited/delighted viewers an ever so brief glimpse of his not insubstantial dick.

Now, as a naturist, I thought it was good to see a bit of non-sexual nudity on the box for a change. The object of comment is common for people of our clothes-free ilk and passed me by far more than the mutilated half-man at Borodin and the leg amputation scene (“Let me see it” the distraught amputee groaned).

But it was the dangling dong that attracted most attention, or should I say comment.  After all, blood and gore are fairly commonplace in the media (no comment in this post of the iniquity of beheadings v. nudity on FB). Yet another sign of the times.

As expected, Bolkonsky declined the invitation to romp naked with his troops and hummed his way onwards to Moscow. A wasted opportunity to get his kit off that wouldn’t have passed us by, methinks.p

Game of Thrones will be truly pissed off that BBC’s W&P beat them to the penis punch this season.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror

First, the introductions…

This is my first CasuallyBuff post. As a lifelong naturist, I am slowing down with work commitments this winter and find myself with more time on my hands. I’m not giving up work, but plan to be more selective with my assignments. I have worked in the mining industry all my life, the last 20 years as a consultant. I have been fully employed all my life too thankfully but work is harder to come by for the first time in my long career because of the downturn in the mining industry.

So now I gladly work from home more and more, nude of course.  l have for the last 20 years been fortunate to be able to work from home with all the benefits that accrues, except when out in the field.  All those conference calls to all corners of the world.  If only my colleagues and clients knew that I was conducting business with them while cheerfully naked.  Thankfully, video conferencing has been rare!  The benefits of working alone!  But then again, I have leapt to an assumption: maybe others on the call were just like me and none of us knew!

So, dear fellow naturist, I look forward to sharing with you, to widening our mutual circle and interest.

In the meantime, I have to work out how to make this site look more attractive…