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Outdoor Nudity Promotion By Non-Nudists

I know – it doesn’t make sense to me either. But this excellent post is by someone who claims in the dialogue that he and his wife are not nudists because they don’t spend time at home naked and restrict nudity to occasional outdoor experiences.

‘Nudist’ and ‘Naturist’ are merely handles. Call yourself whatever you like or nothing at all. This is everyone’s personal choice. No need to deny or defend the pleasure of being naked though – indoors or out, full time or part time – it’s simply the joy of being without clothes at your own pace.

Welcome to our world.

The only time you are noticeably at a nude club, resort or beach is when you’re clothed.

via Naked Time is Summer Time: Five Answers to Your Concerns about Getting Naked this Summer — OurClothingOptionalTrips

Sally Dali – Wonder Where She Found That Pen Name?

Here is a long rambling Book Review of “The Naked Collection”, by Sally Dali It’s well-written (the review I mean) and, for me, right on the button.

Sally Dali

The review is well-written by Duncan Heenan on the Naturist Action Group (NAG) website. I’ve read all of Sally’s (repetitive, short, over-priced) books and, because I devour all naturist reading that I can lay my hands on, I admit to quite enjoying them. However, Duncan says it all, so I’m not going to repeat him.

NAG is an increasingly influential naturist organisation based in London run by volunteers to further naturism in London specifically and  UK generally. Emphasis on the word ‘naturism’. I support this group wholeheartedly. They do a lot of good.

More nudist reading book links that are worth reviewing are P Z Walker‘s A Naturist’s Library on his website. Almost 50 titles! And still growing.

And I must give a literary mention to my old buddy Wally Greensage. He has done what he has been threatening to do for years and put pen to paper to publish the first in the New Albion naturist fiction series. I enjoyed both your first book “WHO IS THIS NAKED LADY? And What Have They Done With My Wife?” and your short story (sequel) “Charlotte’s Near Miss“, Wally. Good luck, my old friend. Looking forward to your next book in the series, due out shortly.

Book Cover


Comfortably Naked in Lingerie

Allure magazine gives us:

4 Ways to Feel More Comfortable Being Naked

(presumably for textiles as we all know this stuff) except for the last tip:

Splurge, even a little. If you’re excited about the lingerie that’s under your dress, unzipping won’t be as scary. “It’s a good confidence boost,” says Marin. “And you don’t need something traditionally sexy.” If the perfect white cotton bra makes you feel good, it’s doing its job.

So there we have it. To feel more comfortable being naked, wear exciting underwear.  I simply didn’t realise Mrs Buff and I have been doing it all wrong all these years!



What does this father-son image say about our attitude towards nudity?


Husband Holding Fevered Son by Heather Whitten


Facebook seems to have inherited America’s prudery, but what about us?

This article appeared recently in Scroll In

Nicely written, lots of questions. I’m not going to comment as it is a great read except to say that the world needs to wake up about our own human form and smell the roses.

A Cultural History of Nudism Broadcast


New Hampshire Public Radio recently published this article advertising their radio program 5.11.16: A Cultural History of Nudism & The Essence of Dog. You can  listen to the broadcast on this site. It is a dual topic broadcast – the first 20 minutes is relevant unless you are interested in dogs too.

It’s a naturist-friendly interview of Brian Hoffman, author of the book Naked: A Cultural History of American Nudism which takes a look at the American nudism movement from its roots in Germany to its definition as a therapeutic health movement. Naked is now available on the Kindle.


It’s a really good history of American nudism and well worth spending 20 minutes of you life.


Two Warts For Willy

Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones Willy Scene


In S06E05, Arya watches in disappointment as a parody is played out in the town square showing her father’s demise.

After the show, one of the players exhibits himself. ‘A wart on my cock!’ he wails. ‘Two warts on my fucking cock!’ No-one is impressed and fortunately (or unfortunately if you are a willy-watcher or in the medical profession) the brief penis (and balls) shot is too quick to confirm his dilemma.

G-o-T definitely isn’t afraid of nudity, is it? Gratuitous nudity, but nudity nonetheless. For me personally, of more interest was the parody actress strutting around magnificently topfree.

Hurrah for screen nudity! Long may it continue. Whether it benefits the nudist cause is debatable, however. But hey, it’s fun.

Sketch on Why Certain Women Are Always Naked in the Gym Locker Room — clothes free life

This is funny! With a little bit of truth? Pity about the pixellations.

A sketch by Monica Heisey for the new all-women Canadian comedy show Baroness von Sketch Source: NYMag Editor’s Thoughts: It was interesting to come across this the day after we mentioned a piece that had been done on the question of nudity, body image and younger populations. One of the questions in the clothes free community […]

via Sketch on Why Certain Women Are Always Naked in the Gym Locker Room — clothes free life

Should Women Be Topfree in Public?

Topfree (3)

This article in Bazaar magazine

As part of’s week-long issue discussing all things nude, we investigate if women should have the right to go topless in public.”  Read on…




Lady God1va’s WNBR Appeal

This appeal explains exactly why the boodle is needed and it’s a good cause on every level.

This is the payment link in her article

Click now! It’s your way to show support for a great event that expands acceptance of nudity.