Outdoor Nudity Promotion By Non-Nudists

I know – it doesn’t make sense to me either. But this excellent post is by someone who claims in the dialogue that he and his wife are not nudists because they don’t spend time at home naked and restrict nudity to occasional outdoor experiences.

‘Nudist’ and ‘Naturist’ are merely handles. Call yourself whatever you like or nothing at all. This is everyone’s personal choice. No need to deny or defend the pleasure of being naked though – indoors or out, full time or part time – it’s simply the joy of being without clothes at your own pace.

Welcome to our world.

The only time you are noticeably at a nude club, resort or beach is when you’re clothed.

via Naked Time is Summer Time: Five Answers to Your Concerns about Getting Naked this Summer — OurClothingOptionalTrips

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