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more and more people, especially the young, opting to get naked in France — clothes free life

Naturism booms in France as young eager to ditch clothes The term “naturist” may conjure up the image of jolly elderly hikers walking bare-bottomed clutching hiking sticks – but it might be time to update the stereotype. Indeed, over the past three years, the phenomenon has begun to attract a younger audience according to the […]

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Unexpected Business

Hi everyone. I’ve suddenly gone quiet because I was unexpectedly called away over the weekend by one of my clients and now I’m trying to find a serviceable link here in darkest Africa. I guess this will be posted when I do. It will be a week or so before I’m free again I think. Posts, if any, will be few.

In the meantime, have lots of naked fun out there in the real world. Hot and sunny here but no nuding opportunities on a continent that was naked and unafraid until those pesky missionaries arrived.

An Epidemic?

This is the 3rd report of a nudist walker, jogger and now a cyclist in as many weeks in Britain, this one at 6 am on Sunday morning.


Is this an epidemic?

But is the epidemic one of more people wanting to enjoy their activities without the restriction of clothes?

Or is it merely an epidemic of media stories about naked people?

The former I hope!

You can see the article in The Manchester Evening News

The photographer said “I thought it was brilliant. It made me proud to be British.”

Right on!

Previous reports here and here



An Oldie But Goody

Yes, this is an old video, it’s from 2010. Still it’s a great interview so I want to share it with you all. Take your time, it’s almost half an hour long but I think it’s worth it. Paul Nocera, of Males Au Naturel, and Sandy Aldrich, of Clothing-Optional Dinners, talk with Sam Sloan about…

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Naked Parents — clothes free life

British video documentary program about clothes free living. curator’s note Behind every clothes free body is a human being, that should be the subtitle of this documentary. It presents rational non sensationalized discussions of simple nudity naturism and clothes free living. Very effectively expressing normalized nudity. Activists take note the subjects clearly say they aren’t […]

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EDL 20 – Bristol WNBR 250

HuffPost tells us in this article entitled EDL And Naked Bike Ride In Bristol Cause Surreal Scenes that EDL flopped with 18-20 turning out while Nude Cyclists numbered about 250. Seems about right to me!

WNBR Bristol

NOTE NUDITY People take part in the Bristol Naked Bike Ride, in demonstration against car culture and oil-dependency, in Bristol.



on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison — clothes free life

My clothes free life and musings I am a resident of Jamaica in the Caribbean. I have been a nudist for many years and i enjoy the practice. I personally have a nude yoga practice and i enjoy practicing yoga clothes free however nudity is not acceptable in Jamaica. I teach yoga to various individuals […]

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Comment: not much about naturism in the Caribbean as I’d hoped but a good article nonetheless.