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Different Countries, Different Cultures

This entertaining article about German naturism from The New York Times Style Magazine illustrates how different naturism (or nudism if you prefer) is in different countries. The article discusses German attitudes, fleetingly compared to US, and the differences, as we all know, are huge. Can you imagine city centre (center) parks in DC or NYC allowing clothing optional sunning? Nope, nor me! World’s apart.

But so are the differences within Europe itself. UK is more reserved, as one would expect, and naturists are expected to cover up in public with bare acceptance at nudist beaches, France is the naturist destination of choice for many but is only now getting round to public naturism away from designated nude beaches, Italy is still trying to decide, but Spain – the repressed country of my childhood under Franco – is head and shoulders ahead with nudity no longer illegal anywhere.


We often hike along a France/Spain border trail wondering what reaction we would receive from the authorities of either nation. A moot point – there are hardly ever any other hikers, let alone anyone in a uniform.

Nevertheless, cultures are different and must be respected. But roll on the day when we can all enjoy total freedom of public unclothed recreation in cities, countryside and coastlines and bask in open acceptance by the masses of any western country.

Después de ocho años de trabajo, Spencer Tunick hizo desnudos en Colombia

Spencer Tunick: worldwide ambassador for naturism. OK, its for art really, but it gets people naked and some will enjoy it enough to continue – alone, at home with family or or out there socially. It’s got to be good, right?

(English with Spanish subtitles)

The Maryland Topfreedom Conversation (Hi, neighbors!) — All Nudist

Originally posted on breastsarehealthy: Ocean City, Maryland, September 2016. I’ve gone bare-chested in Ocean City between 20 and 30 times in the last two years. By and large people ignored me, as they should. I just received an E-mail from a female Marylander which opened with, “Hello… today I saw the OC Coastal Dispatch article regarding…

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[Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

Although the video takes place in Britain. It’s easy enough to say this would happen anywhere around the globe. The thing is, everyone has their own views on body image. Some have their extre… Source: [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page

via [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

I am watching this on iPlayer bit by bit and have seen the segment with Anne’s visit to the home of the naturist Bedford couple and was so pleased to see, despite those strange cloudy things in front of tits and bits, how well this was done and how their natural lifestyle was treated with such an air of normalcy. Anne Robinson’s attitude was excellent and her summary at the end of that segment was so good. I won’t spoil it for you, so do try to watch the programme.

I have to watch the rest yet and don’t know if our naturists reappear later, but no matter, the whole programme so far is very good and very watchable.

Kudos Anne, the Beeb and our excellent Bedford naturists. That segment is a great advertisement for naturism.

Consent – Explained Over A Cup Of Tea

This is an excellent (typically English, don’t you know) entertaining video that explains consent, over a cup of tea. This is so well done!

Pity that the embed link doesn’t seem to work, so I discarded it. I hope that the video in this link works for you though.

Enjoy and pass it on…

Announcing: a new website! —

Yup. It happened. P.Z. Walker now has his own author website. You can find it, surprisingly enough, at This means that all links to my books that live here will point to the new site. Don’t worry, nothing you need to do, it’s all being taken care of. It was about time that this…

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Well done, Mr. Walker! It’s a good looking site and we’ll be able to keep up with your prodigious output here.

I’ve read 3 of the Naked Crow series and Mirror Earth and thoroughly enjoyed the stories. Try them if you haven’t already done so. You won’t be disappointed.

My Very First Nude House Party! — All Nudist

Originally posted on vesttranrismetsba: (This was submitted by one of our readers who’d rather not mention his name which we naturally regard)My Naked Party Narrative:I was exceptionally fortunate in that my first nudist or social experience with nudity was at a bare party hosted by close buddies. I will call them Sunday and Lila.We met…

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I love this ‘first-time’ tale. What a fortuitous situation to share a home with naked party organisers



A fun article from Naked Wanderings


Oops, didn’t realise we have guests

I mention this because recently, after my siesta, I wandered nude (as usual) into our lounge and surprised my wife and a young Asian lady who works with our company. I was a bit surprised too! They had been sitting chatting. My wife looked startled but our guest burst out laughing. I laughed too and unhurriedly left to put something on. My wife followed me and said she had expected to hear me in the bathroom (my usual post-nap habit) so that she could warn me. She’ s a treasure.

I rejoined them and the incident wasn’t referred to again. Clearly, our guest wasn’t fazed in the slightest and no-one seemed to be embarrassed – certainly not me. My wife saw the funny side of it too and it has since been a private joke between us. Wonder if it is a private joke in our friend’s home too!

I’m sure most naturists have similar tales. In fact, when I think back, I have a few more too.


Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence — All Nudist

I was halfway undressed, getting ready to shower after my workout, when I realized it: I didn’t have a towel. Source: Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence

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What a great article this is.