What A Great Idea For Naturist Accommodation

Naturistbnb is a new website this year catering for naturists in the same way that has been so successful for Airbnb, which we use frequently. Now we don’t have to search for naturist-friendly rents – at least not in the places that offer such accommodation.

It’s a bit limited right now but will suit those who are looking for somewhere to spend their liesure time. Hopefully, it will grow like Topsy – or like Airbnb, in fact!

House rules tips – What to write in the listingWhat guests want to know

2 thoughts on “What A Great Idea For Naturist Accommodation

    1. casuallybuff Post author

      Thanks very much for this info. I hadn’t previously seen this site. Checked it out and although it could be easier to navigate, it appears to be comprehensive.



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