From my earliest memories, I knew that I was meant to spend as little time completely naked as possible. From my childhood naked fantasies, through my exploratory teenage years to adult acceptance and a lifetime of taking every possible opportunity has been my raison d’etre.

My site is a celebration of my lifestyle, its influences and events. And the wider wonderful world of Naturism.

Note: All of the photos on this site are believed to be in the public domain. If you own the copyright to any and want them removed, email me at brodechristophe@gmail.com and I’ll remove them.

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  2. Tom Steenhuysen (@JustCallMeTom)

    Dear CausallyBuff, I thought you and your readers would enjoy hearing about “1000s OF NAKED ACTIVISTS SAVING TREES in 1 BIG BOOK!” 🙂 It’s a crowdfunding campaign for a photo book of Jack Gescheidt’s Fine Art photographs showing the joy, the celebration, of being naked, vulnerable and loving in nature, especially around TREES. The campaign deadline is coming closer so I hope you can help spread the news on your blog.

    My apologies for leaving this reply on your blog wall but I didn’t see an email to reach you with.
    Kind regards,


  3. Tom Steenhuysen (@JustCallMeTom)

    As a nudist blogger, we have also created a referral link for people that would like to get a signed book for free.

    HOW TO GET THE BOOK ~ For free.
    It’s a crowdfunding campaign, which means no money will be released until the goal is 100% reached. Only when enough people pledge their support, can it be produced. You can choose your pledge (eg: a signed book). Only if the goal is reached will the funds be released and can the book be produced. It’s a zero-risk investment.

    IF YOU LIKE A FREE SIGNED BOOK: sign up for a custom link: https://goo.gl/forms/Hupom9d3yQn9cOB02


  4. Petri

    Did you stop blogging? Can not see many updates lately. Here is something new you might be interested to write about: https://www.naturistbnb.com

    It’s an Airbnb inspired B&B booking site where naturist /ot non naturists as well) can open their homes to naturist travellers. Meet new friends, have a chance to practice social nudism and earn some money while doing so. Isn’t this interesting enough to write about?


    1. casuallybuff Post author

      Hi Petri. I haven’t stopped blogging but right now I have a busy project and I don’t get as much time. I’m getting it under control and hope to resume soon. I saw that about Airbnb. Or Naturistbnb as I see it is called. What a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. It will go into my blog for sure. All the best



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