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A fun article from Naked Wanderings


Oops, didn’t realise we have guests

I mention this because recently, after my siesta, I wandered nude (as usual) into our lounge and surprised my wife and a young Asian lady who works with our company. I was a bit surprised too! They had been sitting chatting. My wife looked startled but our guest burst out laughing. I laughed too and unhurriedly left to put something on. My wife followed me and said she had expected to hear me in the bathroom (my usual post-nap habit) so that she could warn me. She’ s a treasure.

I rejoined them and the incident wasn’t referred to again. Clearly, our guest wasn’t fazed in the slightest and no-one seemed to be embarrassed – certainly not me. My wife saw the funny side of it too and it has since been a private joke between us. Wonder if it is a private joke in our friend’s home too!

I’m sure most naturists have similar tales. In fact, when I think back, I have a few more too.


Katelyn R: Behind Closed Doors

The Full Title is:

Behind Closed Doors: Being Naked And Feeling Free

Click here for the full article. Behind Closed Doors is a column in The Flat Hat, this one penned by Katelyn Reimer.

This is how she starts the article:

“Being naked is great. I love taking naps naked. I love brushing my teeth naked. I love cuddling naked. In factroom-service, there is not a lot I wouldn’t love to do naked. 10/10 would recommend being naked at all times.” read more

Good luck with that post-grad vacation to a nude beach, Katelyn.

Nudist in the House. —

This post was originally published on Tumblr. Nudist in the house. It can be, and is, a real thrill to be sneaky about nudity. There’s always the chance of getting caught. There’s the risk of what might happen. A lingering question of, “How far can I go?” But that’s not what we’re really asking. We’re…

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An awesome experience and a great read

Naked Parents — clothes free life

British video documentary program about clothes free living. curator’s note Behind every clothes free body is a human being, that should be the subtitle of this documentary. It presents rational non sensationalized discussions of simple nudity naturism and clothes free living. Very effectively expressing normalized nudity. Activists take note the subjects clearly say they aren’t […]

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When should kids be required to wear clothes — clothes free life

WHAT’S THE CUTOFF AGE FOR KIDS RUNNING AROUND NAKED? And I was right. My 2-year-old began fumbling with his clothes until they started coming off. Next thing I knew he was Magic Mike-ing his duds this way and that way, up above his head, in random directions around the yard. Everyone sitting around the table […]

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Great article. But sad to see this is an issue in today’s world. Some kids love to be naked and that should be permitted in appropriate circumstances – such as your own garden.

But wait! Here’s an idea. Try a clothing optional beach or naturist club/resort. Or simply a remote spot (my favourite). Then they can be brought up throughout their whole childhood knowing that nudity is acceptable! So simple! And then the appropriate age to stop is their decision. They stop when they want to stop…if ever.

Problem solved!Dancing in the Rain

What does this father-son image say about our attitude towards nudity?


Husband Holding Fevered Son by Heather Whitten


Facebook seems to have inherited America’s prudery, but what about us?

This article appeared recently in Scroll In

Nicely written, lots of questions. I’m not going to comment as it is a great read except to say that the world needs to wake up about our own human form and smell the roses.