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Naturist home renovator Rob Jenner is arrested – again

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that naturist Rob has again been victimised by neighbouring prudes and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.

Or, alternatively

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that exhibitionist Jenner has again been fittingly reported by righteously-offended neighbours for his anti-social behaviour and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.


Whichever way you care to look at it, and I take the first view, this is great news for the press and bad news for Rob. The prudes seem, unfortunately, to be winning – for now.

I don’t advocate for the freedom to be naked whenever and wherever we please. That’s too much of a stretch in today’s world. But I do advocate for the right to be naked in the privacy my own property and anywhere that my nudity is unlikely to cause offence – or even a stir. Regrettably for Rob, on his street nudity is clearly not acceptable to some. Heed the warning, Rob.

The problem now is that the case on Nov 4 will be less about his right to live his life as he chooses, even with his warning notice (which isn’t going to appease anyone unfortunately), and more about his failure to abide by a previous lawful instruction. He seems to be on a hiding to nothing.

But wouldn’t it be neat if, for once, the world moved on and he is given the go ahead to live his life nude. I know – that ain’t gonna happen! Not yet anyway. But the world is moving on. 50 years ago LGBT was far more offensive than naturism today, and look where that is today. Even 20 years ago, WNBR was a distant dream. Slowly but surely, with the right approach from all of us naturists, time will change. Is Rob a pioneer for us or an offensive eyesore to his neighbours? Both, but he’s made his point and he is going to have to abide by today’s (misguided) laws sooner or later.

The Naked Rambler may have hung up his boots (for now) so are we now going to witness the saga of the Naked Carpenter?

Answers on a postcard to…

A Ban On Mooning? How Victorian!

This article appeared a few days ago in The Sydney morning Herald.

Incredible but true, says journalist James Norman: it’s now officially a crime to expose your bare buttocks in public in the Australian state of Victoria. For many Aussies, the sight of partygoers mooning in the street or the occasional streaker interrupting a cricket match is part of life. It might irritate some, but we’ve never felt the need for a specific law “to police such larrikin behaviour”. Yet thanks to a new amendment to Victoria’s Summary Offences Act, people who indulge in these relatively harmless forms of public nudity could now face up to two months in jail. Repeat offenders risk six months behind bars. The law also bans the singing of obscene songs or ballads in public. It’s a ridiculously over-the-top piece of legislation. More than 100 people have pledged to bare their backsides outside the Victorian Parliament House at the next full moon in protest against the new laws, but police have warned them to keep their pants on or face “criminal charges”. Mad. If you go to Germany, it’s not uncommon to see whole families picnicking naked in the park, but here we’re cracking down on mooning. Our “Victorian morality” has made us a “laughing stock”.

Precis courtesy of The Week


Moon River

An Oldie But Goody

Yes, this is an old video, it’s from 2010. Still it’s a great interview so I want to share it with you all. Take your time, it’s almost half an hour long but I think it’s worth it. Paul Nocera, of Males Au Naturel, and Sandy Aldrich, of Clothing-Optional Dinners, talk with Sam Sloan about…

via Hardfire nudism – a video interview —

Rambling As It Should Be Rambled

At least this isn’t a totally negative Metro reaction to this non-story! Pointless, but not as sensationalist as it may have been.

Bolton Rambler

FROM JOHN JEFFAY AT CASCADE NEWS LTD 0161 660 8087 / 07771 957773 Syndicated for Bolton News with pix of naked rambler, and of photographer Chris Hoddle. Please credit pic Chris Hoddle / A HIKER strips to his boots and backpack to enjoy a summer stroll on Winter Hill. The naked rambler was spotted as temperatures soared to 19C in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Former head teacher Chris Hoddle, who photographed the man, He joked: It was a sunny day so I hope he had the appropriate sun tan lotion on! In England and Wales it is not an offence to be naked in public but it does become an offence if it can be proved that the person stripped off with the intention to upset and shock.

And it doesn’t offer any direct criticism of our naked friend in the article either. Also it clarifies the legality aspect – see the last sentence of the photo caption. That’s good.

Most of the irrelevant dialogue, however, is about a ‘retired educator’ (is that a new term for a teacher?) who took this photo while out, apparently, checking a walking route for a possible primary school children’s walk.

And there we have it:

  1. Chris Hoddle (presumably not the former England footballer) is the attention-seeking former head teacher who took the snap. He not only shared it with the press but he also apparently demands credit it for it. Credit? Did he have the rambler’s permission? Is it an invasion of the rambler’s privacy? Is Mr. Hoddle merely yet another voyeur snapping nudity at every opportunity like our detested nude beach meerkats?
  2. The article says that “ironically” he was out doing this survey for primary school kids. Frankly, I suspect that’s hyperbole, but let’s say, improbably, it’s true. This word “ironically” suggests that it’s wrong for primary school children to use a path used by a naked man. Ho hum! Here we go with that old ‘think of the children’ polemic again.

Leave the guy alone. He’s not harming anyone. He’s clearly not a threat. He didn’t need to see his arse in a local rag. Mr. Hoddle, mind your own business.

But perhaps we should offer a tiny thank you. After all, with respect to naturism, (nearly) all press is good press.

Spanish court says no to naturists — clothes free life

No Clothes? No Beach. Court Rules Against Spanish Naturists Nudists have lost a seven-year legal battle for access to a popular tourist resort beach on Spain’s southwestern tip. The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Spanish Federation of Naturism against local government legislation prohibiting nudists to use beaches within the historic port city of […]

via Spanish court says no to naturists — clothes free life

One step backwards…surprising in naturist-friendly Spain where nudity in public is legal. Seems that this is less to do with naturism though and more to do with the rights of authorities to determine their own laws and bylaws.