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HEALTH: The benefits of daring to bare – Morpeth Herald — All Nudist

While endorsing the advertisement/feature under ‘Lack of sun causing health issues’ Herald, June 23, I confess to being naturist. Source: HEALTH: The benefits of daring to bare – Morpeth Herald

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A neat article by someone qualified by lifelong naturist experience

Sunscreens – the Best and Worst (YNA)

Crowded Nudist Beach

Young Naturists America (YNA) has blogged a helpful appraisal of sunscreens. Although this is US-based of course, the content is universally excellent (well, worldwide, to be pedantic – it would be hard to judge the effectiveness of sunscreens in a galaxy far from here) in that it gives an in-depth assessment of what sunscreens do and don’t do. Far more important than comparing brands, in fact.

It’s based on an EWG report – Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a nonprofit organization that raises public awareness about the toxins in our environment and in the everyday products we consume, according to YNA.

Interestingly, YNA reports that ‘EWG calls sunscreen a “last resort” for sun protection.’ Wow! Read on for more

I don’t often give mentions to naturist organisations, but here’s one that is heartily recommended. If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: YNA has become a major force in North America naturism and deserves support. It’s an impressive organisation that does a great job of promoting nudism – and not just for the ‘Young’ in its name. Subscribe – you’ll learn lots.

Even taking skin-cancer risk into account, scientists say the sun is healthy — clothes free life

How sunshine cuts blood pressure – and makes you thinner! New research reveals benefits that AREN’T linked to vitamin D LACK OF SUN AS BAD AS SMOKING A major clue about sunshine’s benefits has emerged from a study of nearly 30,000 Swedish women whose sunbathing habits have been followed for 20 years. In March investigators, […]

via Even taking skin-cancer risk into account, scientists say the sun is healthy — clothes free life

Coming Out As A…What?

I really like the opening to this wordpress post by Simply Moniqua. She says:

“…I publicly came out as clothes free…”

Not ‘I publicly came out as a nudist’ or ‘I publicly came out as a naturist’ – simply “Clothes free”!

There’s nothing at all wrong with that. In fact it says it all. She isn’t categorizing herself as a nudist or naturist (as I do myself if anyone asks …or cares). She is naked because she wants to simply be and know herself. And you don’t have to be a nudist or naturist to do that. Good on you, girl! Just be naked!

Adriana Líbini

Courtesy: Adriana Libini