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Northumberland’s Own Skinny Dip

Warning contains extremely graphic images of nudity that will offend prudes Source: 500 get their bums out for massive skinny dip in the North Sea | Metro News

via 500 get their bums out for massive skinny dip in the North Sea | Metro News — All Nudist

Prudes: check the warning and look away now…

Naturist charged with…

Here’s’ the problem:

Naturist charged with creating naked “utopia” sex den to abuse children will not testify at trial

Naturist charged with…”

Not “Pedophile charged with…”

Not “Gay man charged with…”

The gutter press strikes again. And not only this article in the Bristol Post. It appears in that august authority of serious news The Daily Star

But why is this? The man simply used naturism as a means to an end that has absolutely nothing to do with naturism, a clean-living and healthy life-style.

It is simply to sell newspapers. “Pedophile” and “Gay Man” don’t get people’s interest as much as “Naturist”.

There’s a long way to go yet for naturism!

In the meantime, here’s what healthy family naturism looks like:


Facebook backs off censoring ‘napalm girl’ photo — clothes free life

Facebook backtracked on Friday (Sep 9) on a decision to censor an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl escaping a napalm bombing, after its block on the historic image sparked outrage. The online giant stopped short of apologising, saying the image had been flagged for violating standards regarding inappropriate posts at the world’s…

via Facebook backs off censoring ‘napalm girl’ photo — clothes free life

An Epidemic?

This is the 3rd report of a nudist walker, jogger and now a cyclist in as many weeks in Britain, this one at 6 am on Sunday morning.


Is this an epidemic?

But is the epidemic one of more people wanting to enjoy their activities without the restriction of clothes?

Or is it merely an epidemic of media stories about naked people?

The former I hope!

You can see the article in The Manchester Evening News

The photographer said “I thought it was brilliant. It made me proud to be British.”

Right on!

Previous reports here and here



EDL 20 – Bristol WNBR 250

HuffPost tells us in this article entitled EDL And Naked Bike Ride In Bristol Cause Surreal Scenes that EDL flopped with 18-20 turning out while Nude Cyclists numbered about 250. Seems about right to me!

WNBR Bristol

NOTE NUDITY People take part in the Bristol Naked Bike Ride, in demonstration against car culture and oil-dependency, in Bristol.



Another Naked Rambler – This Time In Wales

Concern over naked rambler on mountain A GWENT man has spoken of his concern after seeing a naked rambler on a Gwent hillside. Alan Webb, who lives in Cwmbran, said he has spotted a naked man on Machen Mountain for the past three Sundays after walking with his partner at around 6am. Gwent Police have […]

via concerns Wales has a son of the naked rambler too? — clothes free life

Frankly I like to see people enjoying the outdoors nude in appropriate circumstances. Surely 6 am on Machen Mountain in Wales is appropriate when few are around. It looks very remote to me from the photo.
But the reaction reported here is as ever inappropriate:
1. because of the use of the word ‘Concern’. What exactly is the concern?
2. because “Concerned of Cwmbran” (Alan Webb) seems to be taken seriously;
3. because yet again photos are being made public (by voyeurs, in this case presumably the very same “Concerned of Cwmbran”) without the subject’s permission;
4. because the report implies Gwent Police may have done something about it. Why? It’s not illegal and the naked man clearly wasn’t in any way causing concern to others. This is either poor reporting or misunderstanding by the police – the former I suspect.
Keep running and hiking in remote locations (as Mrs Buff and I do) and eventually the world will get used to it and stop sensationalising it with misleading reports and illicit photos.
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Skinny Dipping

This article in the New York Post reveals astonishing news:  “Here’s the skinny on Americans — they love to swim nude when on vacations…” No kidding? Where have you been for the last 100 years NYP?

Clothes dump

As usual, a story saying nothing. But nudity sells, right?

What is interesting to me though is:

MIT alum Brandon Wade started the website with $2,000 of his own money in 2012. Wade — who splits time between Manhattan and Las Vegas — says the site made $2 million in revenues, with 150,000 members, at the end of the first year. It is now in 135 countries, with more than 600,000 members worldwide, including 18,097 members in New York.

I think I can just about rustle up $2K. Just think – in 2 years I could be a multi-millionaire! All I need now is an idea…