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What A Great Idea For Naturist Accommodation

Naturistbnb is a new website this year catering for naturists in the same way that has been so successful for Airbnb, which we use frequently. Now we don’t have to search for naturist-friendly rents – at least not in the places that offer such accommodation.

It’s a bit limited right now but will suit those who are looking for somewhere to spend their liesure time. Hopefully, it will grow like Topsy – or like Airbnb, in fact!

House rules tips – What to write in the listingWhat guests want to know

Thailand’s Naked Jungle Run Cancelled


According to the Bangkok Post in this article, Thailand’s Naked Jungle Run has been cancelled, citing “mixed reaction in social media”, the organiser said. While Thailand has made encouraging strides forward for naturism in SE Asia, there is clearly still a long way to go. Keep trying!

More on this from the Naturist Association of Thailand can be seen here, and says: …the run could be seen as offensive which we have always gone to a great length to avoid.

However, there are other places for nude recreation in Thailand:

Thailand is a wonderful country. It would be good to see it as successful ambassador for naturism in the region.

Visiting Portugal? A Naturist Guest House On My Bucket List

Jane and Stewart welcome you to their Algarve Naturist Holiday Guest House in Algarve Portugal. Close to the Algarve’s best nudist beaches. Source: Algarve Naturist Holidays | Resorts and Nudist Beaches in Portugal

via Algarve Naturist Holidays | Resorts and Nudist Beaches in Portugal — All Nudist

Why is this guest house on my bucket list? Because I want to visit Portugal, because I like the look of this place, because we’re naturists and not least because I enjoy Jane’s monthly articles in H&E naturist mag. Save us a place.

Such great 5-star reviews in TripAdvisor too

A guide to Ireland’s nudist beaches and nine places naturists can sunbathe in the nip – Irish Post — All Nudist

A brief history of naturism in Ireland and a guide to some nudist-friendly beaches where you can take a dip in the nip Source: A guide to Ireland’s nudist beaches and nine places naturists can sunbathe in the nip – Irish Post

via A guide to Ireland’s nudist beaches and nine places naturists can sunbathe in the nip – Irish Post — All Nudist

Take this with you, naturist visitors to the Green Isle

My First Time At A Nudist Resort

This excellent naturist-promoting article appeared in Refinery29 on 5 August this year. Well told, interesting and refreshing!

Bye bye Africa, for now

I made it back safe and sound after a business assignment in darkest(?) Africa. Whoever coined that hadn’t been to the bright sunny spot that I enjoyed. Hot, sunny, humid, remote, bird-rich (most of the non-game-park animals were devoured long ago), insect-rich (pesky mosquitoes), colourful; a fantastic experience as ever with fascinating friendly people.

I’ve been living and working on and off in Africa for over 40 years. I never get bored with it. Roll on the next visit.

Interesting though that indigenous tribes that once wore as little as the climate allowed now modestly cover themselves and rarely show their natural beauty. Bloody missionaries! Even 20 years ago, open roadside nudity in remote areas at washing holes in West Africa was common. I recall beaches where sunning and swimming nude by all nationalities was commonplace. No longer! African society has moved on and now nakedness has been confined to the regressive repressive morality of many restrictive cultures around the world. What a tragedy. The perfect place (mozzies excepted) and little opportunity for us nudists (except at South Africa’s fine naturist resorts).

But…I do know one or two remote spots on this vast continent! Seek and ye shall find…

It’s good to be back to my corner of Southern France though. Beaches, hiking, sunshine and no mozzies.



Naturiste, of course ! — Le Droit tout nu

Il n’aura pas échappé aux naturistes qu’un restaurant nudiste va ouvrir en plein Londres. Chacun devra donc se déshabiller entièrement avant d’aller manger. Se mettre à l’aise. Le rêve donc. Les restaurants naturistes sont en effet rares si l’on excepte les divers bars des centres et villages naturistes et leurs restaurant (où la nudité ne […]

via Naturiste, of course ! — Le Droit tout nu