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Timely Info – How to Get that Sea of Blue Paint Off!

Regrettably, I wasn’t there. Regrettably, I’m never anywhere near a Spencer Tunick event! One day…

For those that were there, the Hull Daily Mail has printed tips on how to cope with and remove all that blue paint. It’s an interesting read even if you are, like me, unfortunately absent.

Hull Sea of Blue

People take part in an installation titled Sea of Hull by artist Spencer Tunick in Hull. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA. Re-printed from The Guardian

Where do all these people come from and why are they not doing this for the rest of the year?

Or are they?

Are they are members of the infamous secret ‘behind-closed-doors’ naked army?

Are they associates of the ‘We’re Not Really Nudists’ movement?

Answers on a postcard to…


Naked Parents — clothes free life

British video documentary program about clothes free living. curator’s note Behind every clothes free body is a human being, that should be the subtitle of this documentary. It presents rational non sensationalized discussions of simple nudity naturism and clothes free living. Very effectively expressing normalized nudity. Activists take note the subjects clearly say they aren’t […]

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What does this father-son image say about our attitude towards nudity?


Husband Holding Fevered Son by Heather Whitten


Facebook seems to have inherited America’s prudery, but what about us?

This article appeared recently in Scroll In

Nicely written, lots of questions. I’m not going to comment as it is a great read except to say that the world needs to wake up about our own human form and smell the roses.


Sketch on Why Certain Women Are Always Naked in the Gym Locker Room — clothes free life

This is funny! With a little bit of truth? Pity about the pixellations.

A sketch by Monica Heisey for the new all-women Canadian comedy show Baroness von Sketch Source: NYMag Editor’s Thoughts: It was interesting to come across this the day after we mentioned a piece that had been done on the question of nudity, body image and younger populations. One of the questions in the clothes free community […]

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Should Women Be Topfree in Public?

Topfree (3)

This article in Bazaar magazine

As part of Bazaar.com’s week-long issue discussing all things nude, we investigate if women should have the right to go topless in public.”  Read on…



World Naked Bike Ride returns to the UK | road.cc — All Nudist

Dates set for 18 towns and cities Source: World Naked Bike Ride returns to the UK | road.cc

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Who’d have thought when WNBR (no introduction needed for this now famous event – or is it infamous?) started with 3 rides in UK in 2004 that it would garner such a following? Thousands of people – in 18 cities and towns around our green and pleasant land – will cycle in as little clothing as they dare, many if not most completely nude, under the umbrella of environmental concerns.

Interestingly, the UK website for WNBR doesn’t actually mention the environment or give any other reason to get nude and ride city streets. But WNBR Worldwide website does with this manifesto (for want of a better word):

WNBR Manifesto

But I have to wonder what the real reasons are for people doing this very public event. It’s a great cause to which I subscribe and believe that almost everyone who participates also subscribes at some level. But that can’t be the only reason, can it?

I suspect that parallel core reasons are that:

  1. naturists see it as an opportunity to get naked and, by default, to promote naturism;
  2. adherents of public nudity take this as a perfect opportunity to display their interests – notice I’m avoiding the word ‘exhibitionist’;
  3. it’s a hoot!

Would I do it? You bet your life I would and probably will if I am close enough to an event (without extending my busy work and leisure schedule too far).

Why? Primarily for 3 reasons:

  1. I love to get nude at every opportunity and this would be a good chance to do that with like-minded souls
  2. It widens acceptance of nudity with the general public (IMO)
  3. It’s a hoot!

Of course, there’s that environmental reason too…


Kill Bill – NH topless ban rejected — clothes free life

Banning toplessness rejected by NH House panel CONCORD — State representatives have recommended killing a bill designed to give towns the power to ban toplessness as lawmakers believed the bill infringed on the right to freedom of speech. SB 347, filed by state Sen. Nancy Stiles, R-Hampton, would have given towns the authority to regulate […]

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Nudity should be normal — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

This post claims that Nudity should be normal and I half agree with the title and totally with the content, particularly this sentence: “Try visiting a naturist club on this day (National Nude Day) to see how normal and nonsexual nudity can be.” I half agree with the title because Nudity is normal, society has made […]

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topless on purpose — clothes free life

ting On April 30, 2016 the Queen Paulette McKenzie Leaphart started her 1000 mile walk topless from Biloxi, Ms to Washington DC to raise breast cancer awareness. Wishing you a journey of prosperity, wisdom, strength, and Favor. ❤️ Continue to walk in grace Queen. ✊ #wombmanappreciation #breastcancersurvivor #1000milewalk #thescarstory #rocke_mbk A photo posted by Rock ✊ […]

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