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My Very First Nude House Party! — All Nudist

Originally posted on vesttranrismetsba: (This was submitted by one of our readers who’d rather not mention his name which we naturally regard)My Naked Party Narrative:I was exceptionally fortunate in that my first nudist or social experience with nudity was at a bare party hosted by close buddies. I will call them Sunday and Lila.We met…

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I love this ‘first-time’ tale. What a fortuitous situation to share a home with naked party organisers


Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence — All Nudist

I was halfway undressed, getting ready to shower after my workout, when I realized it: I didn’t have a towel. Source: Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence

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What a great article this is.

Nudist in the House. — Zjuzdme.org

This post was originally published on Tumblr. Nudist in the house. It can be, and is, a real thrill to be sneaky about nudity. There’s always the chance of getting caught. There’s the risk of what might happen. A lingering question of, “How far can I go?” But that’s not what we’re really asking. We’re…

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An awesome experience and a great read

My First Time At A Nudist Resort

This excellent naturist-promoting article appeared in Refinery29 on 5 August this year. Well told, interesting and refreshing!


Hong Kong nudists struggle — All Nudist

Originally posted on clothes free life: Bare with us: Hong Kong’s nudists struggle for acceptance | South China Morning Post With slow, soothing music playing in the background, a 40-something woman poses naked on a stage in a room in an apartment building in North Point, changing positions every 20 seconds behind a small timer…

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Following on from my last post about Irish naturists’ struggles, here is another example of difficulties faced by nudists in Kong Kong.

But at least these struggles are making the press – and in positive ways too. The more positive publicity, the better.

It’s Tough Being a Naturist In Ireland


It’s not easy because of lack of recognition of our lifestyle, because of outdated laws, because of public opinion and because of Ireland’s culture.

What’s it really like to be a naturist in Ireland? is a recent article in NewsTalk.com

Patrick Gallagher, President of the Irish Naturist Association (INA) explains. It’s an interesting read.


A Nude First at Nude Fest — clothes free life

Originally posted on naturisminsociety: To a few people choosing an event like Nude Fest as my first social naturist outing might seem like a choice bordering on insanity but to me it seemed like the perfect baptism into a world I have longed to be a proper part of since I was introduced to it…

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I love ‘first time’ experiences, mainly because I didn’t really have one myself – I was naked as a toddler and never stopped enjoying the feeling for the next 60+ years. Bliss!

A brave positive introduction to our naturist way of life at a British Naturism event – Nudefest 2016. Enjoy!

Nudefest 2016

Oh, and the event was attended (clothed) by the local MP! Good for him and great for the promotion of naturism.

Rambling As It Should Be Rambled

At least this isn’t a totally negative Metro reaction to this non-story! Pointless, but not as sensationalist as it may have been.

Bolton Rambler

FROM JOHN JEFFAY AT CASCADE NEWS LTD 0161 660 8087 / 07771 957773 john@cascadenews.co.uk http://www.cascadenews.co.uk Syndicated for Bolton News with pix of naked rambler, and of photographer Chris Hoddle. Please credit pic Chris Hoddle / cascadenews.co.uk A HIKER strips to his boots and backpack to enjoy a summer stroll on Winter Hill. The naked rambler was spotted as temperatures soared to 19C in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Former head teacher Chris Hoddle, who photographed the man, He joked: It was a sunny day so I hope he had the appropriate sun tan lotion on! In England and Wales it is not an offence to be naked in public but it does become an offence if it can be proved that the person stripped off with the intention to upset and shock.

And it doesn’t offer any direct criticism of our naked friend in the article either. Also it clarifies the legality aspect – see the last sentence of the photo caption. That’s good.

Most of the irrelevant dialogue, however, is about a ‘retired educator’ (is that a new term for a teacher?) who took this photo while out, apparently, checking a walking route for a possible primary school children’s walk.

And there we have it:

  1. Chris Hoddle (presumably not the former England footballer) is the attention-seeking former head teacher who took the snap. He not only shared it with the press but he also apparently demands credit it for it. Credit? Did he have the rambler’s permission? Is it an invasion of the rambler’s privacy? Is Mr. Hoddle merely yet another voyeur snapping nudity at every opportunity like our detested nude beach meerkats?
  2. The article says that “ironically” he was out doing this survey for primary school kids. Frankly, I suspect that’s hyperbole, but let’s say, improbably, it’s true. This word “ironically” suggests that it’s wrong for primary school children to use a path used by a naked man. Ho hum! Here we go with that old ‘think of the children’ polemic again.

Leave the guy alone. He’s not harming anyone. He’s clearly not a threat. He didn’t need to see his arse in a local rag. Mr. Hoddle, mind your own business.

But perhaps we should offer a tiny thank you. After all, with respect to naturism, (nearly) all press is good press.


Women in Naturism Weekend | American Association for Nude Recreation — All Nudist

Source: Women in Naturism Weekend | American Association for Nude Recreation

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AANR and British Naturism are firmly behind this initiative – read more here from BN.

It’s a great idea and one that we hope is hugely successful.

Women in a Swimming Pool  Edvard Munch

Women at Swiming Pool, Edward Munch