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[Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

Although the video takes place in Britain. It’s easy enough to say this would happen anywhere around the globe. The thing is, everyone has their own views on body image. Some have their extre… Source: [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page

via [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

I am watching this on iPlayer bit by bit and have seen the segment with Anne’s visit to the home of the naturist Bedford couple and was so pleased to see, despite those strange cloudy things in front of tits and bits, how well this was done and how their natural lifestyle was treated with such an air of normalcy. Anne Robinson’s attitude was excellent and her summary at the end of that segment was so good. I won’t spoil it for you, so do try to watch the programme.

I have to watch the rest yet and don’t know if our naturists reappear later, but no matter, the whole programme so far is very good and very watchable.

Kudos Anne, the Beeb and our excellent Bedford naturists. That segment is a great advertisement for naturism.

Young Naturists Can Have It All

However you read the title of yet another great article by Roni Fine on the British Naturism website – that is, which word do you stress? (‘It’ excepted) – this is a topic that once more she addresses superbly. I guess the stress is on the final word.

The topic is, as it says, about young naturists and she calls on her years of club experience to illustrate her article. How interesting these young reflections are and, as Roni says, there is little to fear about the future of naturism. It continues to grow and gain acceptability. And the youngsters of today are destined to carry this forward. We should banish negative thoughts about “declines” in naturism as the fiction they are.

Nudist in the House. — Zjuzdme.org

This post was originally published on Tumblr. Nudist in the house. It can be, and is, a real thrill to be sneaky about nudity. There’s always the chance of getting caught. There’s the risk of what might happen. A lingering question of, “How far can I go?” But that’s not what we’re really asking. We’re…

via Nudist in the House. — Zjuzdme.org

An awesome experience and a great read

Naturist charged with…

Here’s’ the problem:

Naturist charged with creating naked “utopia” sex den to abuse children will not testify at trial

Naturist charged with…”

Not “Pedophile charged with…”

Not “Gay man charged with…”

The gutter press strikes again. And not only this article in the Bristol Post. It appears in that august authority of serious news The Daily Star

But why is this? The man simply used naturism as a means to an end that has absolutely nothing to do with naturism, a clean-living and healthy life-style.

It is simply to sell newspapers. “Pedophile” and “Gay Man” don’t get people’s interest as much as “Naturist”.

There’s a long way to go yet for naturism!

In the meantime, here’s what healthy family naturism looks like:


BBC iWonder – Naturism

It’s good to see BBC showing a positive, friendly attitude to naturism in this brief iWonder presentation.


Makes me want to take all my clothes off and get nude. Oh wait…I am already nude! And have been all day…