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Paris Bites the Bullet

Two naked persons walk past a sign reading "you are entering a space where the practise of naturism is authorised" at the Bois de Vincennes park in Paris.So Paris finally did it. It has a nudist area at Bois de Vincennes. Oh that every city had an area like this!



Different Countries, Different Cultures

This entertaining article about German naturism from The New York Times Style Magazine illustrates how different naturism (or nudism if you prefer) is in different countries. The article discusses German attitudes, fleetingly compared to US, and the differences, as we all know, are huge. Can you imagine city centre (center) parks in DC or NYC allowing clothing optional sunning? Nope, nor me! World’s apart.

But so are the differences within Europe itself. UK is more reserved, as one would expect, and naturists are expected to cover up in public with bare acceptance at nudist beaches, France is the naturist destination of choice for many but is only now getting round to public naturism away from designated nude beaches, Italy is still trying to decide, but Spain – the repressed country of my childhood under Franco – is head and shoulders ahead with nudity no longer illegal anywhere.


We often hike along a France/Spain border trail wondering what reaction we would receive from the authorities of either nation. A moot point – there are hardly ever any other hikers, let alone anyone in a uniform.

Nevertheless, cultures are different and must be respected. But roll on the day when we can all enjoy total freedom of public unclothed recreation in cities, countryside and coastlines and bask in open acceptance by the masses of any western country.


Paris Naturist Zone – Where will it be?

So, according to this CNN report, Paris is to get its own naturist zone next year. What a sensible move given there is very little opportunity for local and visiting naturists to enjoy the open air in total freedom in this wonderful city. Unless, that is, you are naturist club members (which most visitors are not) or have time for the restrictive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only swimming sessions at Roger Le-Gall pool in 12th Arrondissement.

German cities have long allowed this and Munich has 6 such open locations 

So where will the zone be located? Lac Daumesnil (pictured below) in the Bois delac-daumesnil, Vincennes to the south-east of the city is one suggestion. Another suggestion is the Bois de Boulogne to the west.

Wherever, count us in whenever we have the pleasure of visiting this great city in summer!

Bon chance!


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My First Time At A Nudist Resort

This excellent naturist-promoting article appeared in Refinery29 on 5 August this year. Well told, interesting and refreshing!


A Peek at “More Than Naked” by Doris Uhlich — clothes free life

Not sure of the point of this, but I like it! But as I’m an art-neanderthal…

Excerpt from 2015 performance of “more than naked” by Doris Uhlich Video Caption: “Pourquoi se déshabille-t-on sur scène ? Que peut dire un corps nu ? Que peuvent dire vingt corps nus ?” Le titre more than naked annonce la couleur : chair. Vingt danseurs et danseuses nus agitent, secouent, remuent, tâtent et palpent leur […]

via a peek at “more than naked” by Doris Uhlich — clothes free life