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Paris Bites the Bullet

Two naked persons walk past a sign reading "you are entering a space where the practise of naturism is authorised" at the Bois de Vincennes park in Paris.So Paris finally did it. It has a nudist area at Bois de Vincennes. Oh that every city had an area like this!



Thailand’s Naked Jungle Run Cancelled


According to the Bangkok Post in this article, Thailand’s Naked Jungle Run has been cancelled, citing “mixed reaction in social media”, the organiser said. While Thailand has made encouraging strides forward for naturism in SE Asia, there is clearly still a long way to go. Keep trying!

More on this from the Naturist Association of Thailand can be seen here, and says: …the run could be seen as offensive which we have always gone to a great length to avoid.

However, there are other places for nude recreation in Thailand:

Thailand is a wonderful country. It would be good to see it as successful ambassador for naturism in the region.

Paris Naturist Zone – Where will it be?

So, according to this CNN report, Paris is to get its own naturist zone next year. What a sensible move given there is very little opportunity for local and visiting naturists to enjoy the open air in total freedom in this wonderful city. Unless, that is, you are naturist club members (which most visitors are not) or have time for the restrictive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only swimming sessions at Roger Le-Gall pool in 12th Arrondissement.

German cities have long allowed this and Munich has 6 such open locations 

So where will the zone be located? Lac Daumesnil (pictured below) in the Bois delac-daumesnil, Vincennes to the south-east of the city is one suggestion. Another suggestion is the Bois de Boulogne to the west.

Wherever, count us in whenever we have the pleasure of visiting this great city in summer!

Bon chance!


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Visiting Portugal? A Naturist Guest House On My Bucket List

Jane and Stewart welcome you to their Algarve Naturist Holiday Guest House in Algarve Portugal. Close to the Algarve’s best nudist beaches. Source: Algarve Naturist Holidays | Resorts and Nudist Beaches in Portugal

via Algarve Naturist Holidays | Resorts and Nudist Beaches in Portugal — All Nudist

Why is this guest house on my bucket list? Because I want to visit Portugal, because I like the look of this place, because we’re naturists and not least because I enjoy Jane’s monthly articles in H&E naturist mag. Save us a place.

Such great 5-star reviews in TripAdvisor too

Club Guide – H&E naturist magazine — All Nudist

Here you’ll find a list of naturist clubs and venues around the country. If you’d like yours listed, please email listings@henaturist.net or call 01482 342000. Spot any errors? Please get in touch and let us know […] Source: Club Guide – H&E naturist magazine

via Club Guide – H&E naturist magazine — All Nudist

A guide to Ireland’s nudist beaches and nine places naturists can sunbathe in the nip – Irish Post — All Nudist

A brief history of naturism in Ireland and a guide to some nudist-friendly beaches where you can take a dip in the nip Source: A guide to Ireland’s nudist beaches and nine places naturists can sunbathe in the nip – Irish Post

via A guide to Ireland’s nudist beaches and nine places naturists can sunbathe in the nip – Irish Post — All Nudist

Take this with you, naturist visitors to the Green Isle