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Germany’s Historical Contribution to Naturism is Impressive – Is It Still the Case?

Early leaders of the modern naturism era – ancient naturism has been around since the birth of man, surpressed only in recent millenia – Germany is to be admired. Even during the breakup of the nation post-WWII, the eastern Germans took to our lifestyle with gusto, even more so than their western counterparts perhaps.

But what of German naturism today? This photo article tells all:


I wonder what our German colleagues think of this?

Flauchersteg beach in Munich (Imago/K-P. Wolf)

Byron Bay Nude Beach Games (From Last Year)

Great article and video here on the joys of beach naturism down under. Long may it continue. Check out their FB site here. This photo is from their site.

It’s a struggle and we wish them every success in maintaining their naturist enjoyment.


What needs to change for naturism to be accepted — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

As naturists, we feel good if not better while naked. Many of us would like to be able to be naked more frequently not facing negative consequences. For this, we need to continue, if not increase, to tell the naturism story and its many benefits. However, I was asking myself the question: what needs to […]

via What needs to change for naturism to be accepted — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

Love this article. It says it all.


Different Countries, Different Cultures

This entertaining article about German naturism from The New York Times Style Magazine illustrates how different naturism (or nudism if you prefer) is in different countries. The article discusses German attitudes, fleetingly compared to US, and the differences, as we all know, are huge. Can you imagine city centre (center) parks in DC or NYC allowing clothing optional sunning? Nope, nor me! World’s apart.

But so are the differences within Europe itself. UK is more reserved, as one would expect, and naturists are expected to cover up in public with bare acceptance at nudist beaches, France is the naturist destination of choice for many but is only now getting round to public naturism away from designated nude beaches, Italy is still trying to decide, but Spain – the repressed country of my childhood under Franco – is head and shoulders ahead with nudity no longer illegal anywhere.


We often hike along a France/Spain border trail wondering what reaction we would receive from the authorities of either nation. A moot point – there are hardly ever any other hikers, let alone anyone in a uniform.

Nevertheless, cultures are different and must be respected. But roll on the day when we can all enjoy total freedom of public unclothed recreation in cities, countryside and coastlines and bask in open acceptance by the masses of any western country.


My Very First Nude House Party! — All Nudist

Originally posted on vesttranrismetsba: (This was submitted by one of our readers who’d rather not mention his name which we naturally regard)My Naked Party Narrative:I was exceptionally fortunate in that my first nudist or social experience with nudity was at a bare party hosted by close buddies. I will call them Sunday and Lila.We met…

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I love this ‘first-time’ tale. What a fortuitous situation to share a home with naked party organisers



A fun article from Naked Wanderings



Oops, didn’t realise we have guests

I mention this because recently, after my siesta, I wandered nude (as usual) into our lounge and surprised my wife and a young Asian lady who works with our company. I was a bit surprised too! They had been sitting chatting. My wife looked startled but our guest burst out laughing. I laughed too and unhurriedly left to put something on. My wife followed me and said she had expected to hear me in the bathroom (my usual post-nap habit) so that she could warn me. She’ s a treasure.

I rejoined them and the incident wasn’t referred to again. Clearly, our guest wasn’t fazed in the slightest and no-one seemed to be embarrassed – certainly not me. My wife saw the funny side of it too and it has since been a private joke between us. Wonder if it is a private joke in our friend’s home too!

I’m sure most naturists have similar tales. In fact, when I think back, I have a few more too.


Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence — All Nudist

I was halfway undressed, getting ready to shower after my workout, when I realized it: I didn’t have a towel. Source: Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence

via Getting Naked In Locker Room – Nudity Body Confidence — All Nudist

What a great article this is.

Cool Music Video Shot At Bear Oaks

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/178635448″>Brendan Canning – Book It To Fresno [Official Video] (Uncensored)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/artscrafts”>Arts &amp; Crafts</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Paris Naturist Zone – Where will it be?

So, according to this CNN report, Paris is to get its own naturist zone next year. What a sensible move given there is very little opportunity for local and visiting naturists to enjoy the open air in total freedom in this wonderful city. Unless, that is, you are naturist club members (which most visitors are not) or have time for the restrictive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only swimming sessions at Roger Le-Gall pool in 12th Arrondissement.

German cities have long allowed this and Munich has 6 such open locations 

So where will the zone be located? Lac Daumesnil (pictured below) in the Bois delac-daumesnil, Vincennes to the south-east of the city is one suggestion. Another suggestion is the Bois de Boulogne to the west.

Wherever, count us in whenever we have the pleasure of visiting this great city in summer!

Bon chance!


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