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Choose Pussy Over Pain

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/213723715″>Choose Pussy over Pain</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user65586199″>Cidney G Green</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A bit long but she has a point and makes it with good humour. And with openness in every sense. Good on you, girl!

What needs to change for naturism to be accepted — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

As naturists, we feel good if not better while naked. Many of us would like to be able to be naked more frequently not facing negative consequences. For this, we need to continue, if not increase, to tell the naturism story and its many benefits. However, I was asking myself the question: what needs to […]

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Love this article. It says it all.


Consent – Explained Over A Cup Of Tea

This is an excellent (typically English, don’t you know) entertaining video that explains consent, over a cup of tea. This is so well done!


Pity that the embed link doesn’t seem to work, so I discarded it. I hope that the video in this link works for you though.

Enjoy and pass it on…

Naturist home renovator Rob Jenner is arrested – again

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that naturist Rob has again been victimised by neighbouring prudes and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.

Or, alternatively

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that exhibitionist Jenner has again been fittingly reported by righteously-offended neighbours for his anti-social behaviour and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.


Whichever way you care to look at it, and I take the first view, this is great news for the press and bad news for Rob. The prudes seem, unfortunately, to be winning – for now.

I don’t advocate for the freedom to be naked whenever and wherever we please. That’s too much of a stretch in today’s world. But I do advocate for the right to be naked in the privacy my own property and anywhere that my nudity is unlikely to cause offence – or even a stir. Regrettably for Rob, on his street nudity is clearly not acceptable to some. Heed the warning, Rob.

The problem now is that the case on Nov 4 will be less about his right to live his life as he chooses, even with his warning notice (which isn’t going to appease anyone unfortunately), and more about his failure to abide by a previous lawful instruction. He seems to be on a hiding to nothing.

But wouldn’t it be neat if, for once, the world moved on and he is given the go ahead to live his life nude. I know – that ain’t gonna happen! Not yet anyway. But the world is moving on. 50 years ago LGBT was far more offensive than naturism today, and look where that is today. Even 20 years ago, WNBR was a distant dream. Slowly but surely, with the right approach from all of us naturists, time will change. Is Rob a pioneer for us or an offensive eyesore to his neighbours? Both, but he’s made his point and he is going to have to abide by today’s (misguided) laws sooner or later.

The Naked Rambler may have hung up his boots (for now) so are we now going to witness the saga of the Naked Carpenter?

Answers on a postcard to…

Sunscreens – the Best and Worst (YNA)

Crowded Nudist Beach

Young Naturists America (YNA) has blogged a helpful appraisal of sunscreens. Although this is US-based of course, the content is universally excellent (well, worldwide, to be pedantic – it would be hard to judge the effectiveness of sunscreens in a galaxy far from here) in that it gives an in-depth assessment of what sunscreens do and don’t do. Far more important than comparing brands, in fact.

It’s based on an EWG report – Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a nonprofit organization that raises public awareness about the toxins in our environment and in the everyday products we consume, according to YNA.

Interestingly, YNA reports that ‘EWG calls sunscreen a “last resort” for sun protection.’ Wow! Read on for more

I don’t often give mentions to naturist organisations, but here’s one that is heartily recommended. If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: YNA has become a major force in North America naturism and deserves support. It’s an impressive organisation that does a great job of promoting nudism – and not just for the ‘Young’ in its name. Subscribe – you’ll learn lots.

Bye bye Africa, for now

I made it back safe and sound after a business assignment in darkest(?) Africa. Whoever coined that hadn’t been to the bright sunny spot that I enjoyed. Hot, sunny, humid, remote, bird-rich (most of the non-game-park animals were devoured long ago), insect-rich (pesky mosquitoes), colourful; a fantastic experience as ever with fascinating friendly people.

I’ve been living and working on and off in Africa for over 40 years. I never get bored with it. Roll on the next visit.

Interesting though that indigenous tribes that once wore as little as the climate allowed now modestly cover themselves and rarely show their natural beauty. Bloody missionaries! Even 20 years ago, open roadside nudity in remote areas at washing holes in West Africa was common. I recall beaches where sunning and swimming nude by all nationalities was commonplace. No longer! African society has moved on and now nakedness has been confined to the regressive repressive morality of many restrictive cultures around the world. What a tragedy. The perfect place (mozzies excepted) and little opportunity for us nudists (except at South Africa’s fine naturist resorts).

But…I do know one or two remote spots on this vast continent! Seek and ye shall find…

It’s good to be back to my corner of Southern France though. Beaches, hiking, sunshine and no mozzies.



on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison — clothes free life

My clothes free life and musings I am a resident of Jamaica in the Caribbean. I have been a nudist for many years and i enjoy the practice. I personally have a nude yoga practice and i enjoy practicing yoga clothes free however nudity is not acceptable in Jamaica. I teach yoga to various individuals […]

via on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison — clothes free life

Comment: not much about naturism in the Caribbean as I’d hoped but a good article nonetheless.

A Question of Intrusion

I noticed this Agony Aunt Q&A recently in Slate.com. It’s about a mature couple skinny dipping at their secluded home surrounded by trees who discover kids have encroached on their property and watched. The kids parents then complain. But read it for yourself:

Q. Skinny-dipping privacy: My husband and I were able to both take early retirement and build our dream home on several heavily wooded acres with a pool in the back. It has been a godsend and given a certain spice to our marriage. Some wine, music, and skinny-dipping in our pool is one of our favorite activities—or it was. Recently, our neighbor knocked on our door to scold us for being naked around her children! Apparently, her boys decided to trespass on our property to build a tree house and spied on us! There is no way to see anything in our backyard unless you cross the woods on our property. I was struck speechless, and when I told my husband later, he was livid. He went out, bought no trespassing signs, put them on our trees, and then destroyed the tree house. He talks about calling the police if he sees any of our neighbors on our property. I don’t know what to do. This has put a pall over what has been a joyous time for us. I don’t want a feud, but I can’t see a way out of this.

A: I must confess my first response was to be almost impressed with the boys for building an entire secret tree house without your knowledge on your own land. My second response was to shake the first response into sense: Your neighbors are ridiculous, invasive people, and you certainly ought to feud with them. Oh, don’t go out of your way to cause trouble, of course, but some people ought to be feuded with, and the kind of person who would blame you for the fact that her children built a peeping Tom factory on your property is one of them. (They have the entire internet now! You don’t have to build a tree house to watch naked people swimming! This isn’t the 1940s!) Make it clear to your neighbor that what her children did was voyeuristic, inappropriate, and illegal and that you won’t tolerate it in the future—that you’ll call the police, if necessary. Trespassing repeatedly into someone else’s house or backyard to watch them naked is creepy and invasive behavior, and your husband isn’t overreacting. He’s been violated in a place where he thought he had privacy, and so have you. That these boys’ parents think it’s your fault for being naked in your own backyard, rather than their children’s fault for building a platform from which they could regularly ogle you, is deeply disturbing.

If doing so is at all practical, put up a fence between your property and your neighbors’. Then build a huge bonfire with the remains of the tree house and dance naked around it, if you like. They’re your woods, and you get to be as naked as you want in them.


It makes a pleasant change for the reply to be so sensible and supportive towards home privacy in a world that seems to think that people have every right to dictate how you live.

It’s All Over!

So Stephen Gough, aka The Naked Rambler, has hung up his hat, boots and socks, according to this article in the The Plymouth Herald (UK). It’s been a long battle against the law for this eccentric hiker who flouted British law by insisting walking the highways and byways naked, despite an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order).

The Naked Rambler Stephen Gough

“Naked Rambler” Stephen Gough sets off near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders on his way to England after his release from prison in Scotland. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday October 8, 2012. Last month, Gough, 53, who hikes across the country naked, was jailed for five months for a breach of the peace after he told a court he would not co-operate with social workers tasked with assessing his mental health. See PA story POLICE Rambler. Photo credit should read: David Cheskin/PA Wire

The ASBO required him to remain clothed when out and about. He ignored it and spent more (naked) time in jail than some murderers at a cost to the UK taxpayer of hundreds of thousands of Pounds.

And for what? He’s decided to desist and spend time looking after his old mum, a worthwhile act of family love; continued outdoor nudity will prevent him from doing this – he’ll be locked up again.

But what has he achieved:

  1. Notoriety – but he is now famous rather than infamous
  2. Publicity – naked walking has regularly been in the press with little negativity thanks to Stephen
  3. Pioneering success – probably inadvertently, but he is very much a pioneer as time will tell
  4. Pity – most reports are sympathetic to his cause and that’s good for the cause
  5. Stupidity – not his; the ASBO. When others in UK can appear naked in public – WNBR is best but not unique example – Stephen was singled out: he is the only person in UK with an ASBO set up to prevent public nudity.
  6. Unnecessary costs for the tax payer: a legal system that seems intent on taking a hard line when more conciliatory action (on both sides, it has to be said) is called for.

What he hasn’t succeeded in accomplishing is the right for himself or anyone else to roam the country sans culottes.

And that’s unfortunate. Unfortunate because Victorian attitudes of the minority have succeeded in prolonging the unnecessary condemnation of one of nature’s finest attributes – the naked human body.

One day, just as with other ways’ of life (LGBT springs to mind), scorn for nudity will dissipate and nudity in public will one day be acceptable. And why not? It is our natural state. 50 years ago, life was far more restrictive. In 50 years time: who knows?

So fight the good fight for non-sexual naturism acceptance. Perhaps not exactly like The Naked Rambler, but we can all push boundaries just that little bit at every opportunity.