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Germany’s Historical Contribution to Naturism is Impressive – Is It Still the Case?

Early leaders of the modern naturism era – ancient naturism has been around since the birth of man, surpressed only in recent millenia – Germany is to be admired. Even during the breakup of the nation post-WWII, the eastern Germans took to our lifestyle with gusto, even more so than their western counterparts perhaps.

But what of German naturism today? This photo article tells all:


I wonder what our German colleagues think of this?

Flauchersteg beach in Munich (Imago/K-P. Wolf)

Team GB Paralympians strip off for a racy photo shoot to encourage body positivity | Daily Mail Online — clothes free life

Four Paralympic athletes have stripped off for a series of striking photos to promote a body positive message ahead of the Rio Games.Tennis star Jordanne Whiley, swimmer Lewis Edwards, sprinter Bethy Woodward and power lifter Ali Jawad took part in the shoot for Sport magazine, who will feature one athlete each week of the games. Tennis ace…

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Facebook backs off censoring ‘napalm girl’ photo — clothes free life

Facebook backtracked on Friday (Sep 9) on a decision to censor an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl escaping a napalm bombing, after its block on the historic image sparked outrage. The online giant stopped short of apologising, saying the image had been flagged for violating standards regarding inappropriate posts at the world’s…

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Timely Info – How to Get that Sea of Blue Paint Off!

Regrettably, I wasn’t there. Regrettably, I’m never anywhere near a Spencer Tunick event! One day…

For those that were there, the Hull Daily Mail has printed tips on how to cope with and remove all that blue paint. It’s an interesting read even if you are, like me, unfortunately absent.

Hull Sea of Blue

People take part in an installation titled Sea of Hull by artist Spencer Tunick in Hull. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA. Re-printed from The Guardian

Where do all these people come from and why are they not doing this for the rest of the year?

Or are they?

Are they are members of the infamous secret ‘behind-closed-doors’ naked army?

Are they associates of the ‘We’re Not Really Nudists’ movement?

Answers on a postcard to…


making do in leftover spaces – nude exhibit by catherine shields — clothes free life

Making-do in leftover spaces by Catherine Shields features a series of photo media works set in “ordinary” landscapes, alongside railway lines and corridors, throughout regional Victoria. “Most of the time we just travel through these spaces on the train and we glance at these spaces and that’s what intrigued me to begin with,” Shields said. […]

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Putting nudity into the ordinary…

Rambling As It Should Be Rambled

At least this isn’t a totally negative Metro reaction to this non-story! Pointless, but not as sensationalist as it may have been.

Bolton Rambler

FROM JOHN JEFFAY AT CASCADE NEWS LTD 0161 660 8087 / 07771 957773 john@cascadenews.co.uk http://www.cascadenews.co.uk Syndicated for Bolton News with pix of naked rambler, and of photographer Chris Hoddle. Please credit pic Chris Hoddle / cascadenews.co.uk A HIKER strips to his boots and backpack to enjoy a summer stroll on Winter Hill. The naked rambler was spotted as temperatures soared to 19C in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Former head teacher Chris Hoddle, who photographed the man, He joked: It was a sunny day so I hope he had the appropriate sun tan lotion on! In England and Wales it is not an offence to be naked in public but it does become an offence if it can be proved that the person stripped off with the intention to upset and shock.

And it doesn’t offer any direct criticism of our naked friend in the article either. Also it clarifies the legality aspect – see the last sentence of the photo caption. That’s good.

Most of the irrelevant dialogue, however, is about a ‘retired educator’ (is that a new term for a teacher?) who took this photo while out, apparently, checking a walking route for a possible primary school children’s walk.

And there we have it:

  1. Chris Hoddle (presumably not the former England footballer) is the attention-seeking former head teacher who took the snap. He not only shared it with the press but he also apparently demands credit it for it. Credit? Did he have the rambler’s permission? Is it an invasion of the rambler’s privacy? Is Mr. Hoddle merely yet another voyeur snapping nudity at every opportunity like our detested nude beach meerkats?
  2. The article says that “ironically” he was out doing this survey for primary school kids. Frankly, I suspect that’s hyperbole, but let’s say, improbably, it’s true. This word “ironically” suggests that it’s wrong for primary school children to use a path used by a naked man. Ho hum! Here we go with that old ‘think of the children’ polemic again.

Leave the guy alone. He’s not harming anyone. He’s clearly not a threat. He didn’t need to see his arse in a local rag. Mr. Hoddle, mind your own business.

But perhaps we should offer a tiny thank you. After all, with respect to naturism, (nearly) all press is good press.


National Geographic, June 2016, Includes A Classic Topless ‘Tribal’ Picture. — clothes free life

by Anura Guruge June 2016 ‘National Geographic’. Page 35 — “Peru’s World Apart”. have to confess I was surprised (pleasantly, I think). I had assumed, obviously erroneously, that National Geographic’s freedom to print topless (semi-nude) tribal pictures — once it’s trademark — would come to an end when ultra-conservative ‘Fox News‘ acquired 73% ownership of the […]

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Spencer Tunick: “Everything She Says Means Everything” — clothes free life

From Harper’s Bazaar, Kate Storey writes: At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July, 100 naked women will stand facing the Quicken Loans Arena holding large, round mirrors. They’ll be part of artist Spencer Tunick’s latest large-scale art installation: “Everything She Says Means Everything.” The New York-based artist has been planning this project since […]

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