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Frosted Window for Protection

What a compromise. New school gets a frosted glass window so old naturist doesn’t have to change his lifestyle. The world is getting better!

But for whose protection: his from being overlooked without causing problems or the kids from having to see a human body?



A Ban On Mooning? How Victorian!

This article appeared a few days ago in The Sydney morning Herald.

Incredible but true, says journalist James Norman: it’s now officially a crime to expose your bare buttocks in public in the Australian state of Victoria. For many Aussies, the sight of partygoers mooning in the street or the occasional streaker interrupting a cricket match is part of life. It might irritate some, but we’ve never felt the need for a specific law “to police such larrikin behaviour”. Yet thanks to a new amendment to Victoria’s Summary Offences Act, people who indulge in these relatively harmless forms of public nudity could now face up to two months in jail. Repeat offenders risk six months behind bars. The law also bans the singing of obscene songs or ballads in public. It’s a ridiculously over-the-top piece of legislation. More than 100 people have pledged to bare their backsides outside the Victorian Parliament House at the next full moon in protest against the new laws, but police have warned them to keep their pants on or face “criminal charges”. Mad. If you go to Germany, it’s not uncommon to see whole families picnicking naked in the park, but here we’re cracking down on mooning. Our “Victorian morality” has made us a “laughing stock”.

Precis courtesy of The Week


Moon River

Naturist charged with…

Here’s’ the problem:

Naturist charged with creating naked “utopia” sex den to abuse children will not testify at trial

Naturist charged with…”

Not “Pedophile charged with…”

Not “Gay man charged with…”

The gutter press strikes again. And not only this article in the Bristol Post. It appears in that august authority of serious news The Daily Star

But why is this? The man simply used naturism as a means to an end that has absolutely nothing to do with naturism, a clean-living and healthy life-style.

It is simply to sell newspapers. “Pedophile” and “Gay Man” don’t get people’s interest as much as “Naturist”.

There’s a long way to go yet for naturism!

In the meantime, here’s what healthy family naturism looks like:


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I know, I plagiarised the title from our long-loved Reader’s Digest, but it’s actually true.

Silly? Yeah! But like you, I watched it all!

A mention too to the excellent All-Nudist website, from which I admit I took the idea for this post. Thanks for this.


Naked Dining: A Dream Come True — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

Originally posted on The Naked Jade: Word on the street is that the very first nude restaurant will soon be opening in London, England. In fact, word is spreading so fast about this concept that there is apparently a waiting list of well over 23,000 people anxious to partake in this clothing optional dining experience.…

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