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Después de ocho años de trabajo, Spencer Tunick hizo desnudos en Colombia

Spencer Tunick: worldwide ambassador for naturism. OK, its for art really, but it gets people naked and some will enjoy it enough to continue – alone, at home with family or or out there socially. It’s got to be good, right?

(English with Spanish subtitles)

A Peek at “More Than Naked” by Doris Uhlich — clothes free life

Not sure of the point of this, but I like it! But as I’m an art-neanderthal…

Excerpt from 2015 performance of “more than naked” by Doris Uhlich Video Caption: “Pourquoi se déshabille-t-on sur scène ? Que peut dire un corps nu ? Que peuvent dire vingt corps nus ?” Le titre more than naked annonce la couleur : chair. Vingt danseurs et danseuses nus agitent, secouent, remuent, tâtent et palpent leur […]

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I know, I plagiarised the title from our long-loved Reader’s Digest, but it’s actually true.

Silly? Yeah! But like you, I watched it all!

A mention too to the excellent All-Nudist website, from which I admit I took the idea for this post. Thanks for this.


Sketch on Why Certain Women Are Always Naked in the Gym Locker Room — clothes free life

This is funny! With a little bit of truth? Pity about the pixellations.

A sketch by Monica Heisey for the new all-women Canadian comedy show Baroness von Sketch Source: NYMag Editor’s Thoughts: It was interesting to come across this the day after we mentioned a piece that had been done on the question of nudity, body image and younger populations. One of the questions in the clothes free community […]

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