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Germany’s Historical Contribution to Naturism is Impressive – Is It Still the Case?

Early leaders of the modern naturism era – ancient naturism has been around since the birth of man, surpressed only in recent millenia – Germany is to be admired. Even during the breakup of the nation post-WWII, the eastern Germans took to our lifestyle with gusto, even more so than their western counterparts perhaps.

But what of German naturism today? This photo article tells all:


I wonder what our German colleagues think of this?

Flauchersteg beach in Munich (Imago/K-P. Wolf)

Frosted Window for Protection

What a compromise. New school gets a frosted glass window so old naturist doesn’t have to change his lifestyle. The world is getting better!

But for whose protection: his from being overlooked without causing problems or the kids from having to see a human body?



Paris Bites the Bullet

Two naked persons walk past a sign reading "you are entering a space where the practise of naturism is authorised" at the Bois de Vincennes park in Paris.So Paris finally did it. It has a nudist area at Bois de Vincennes. Oh that every city had an area like this!



Shellness beach is among the UK’s top spots for skinny dipping — clothes free life

Shellness nudist beach on Sheppey named one of UK’s best places for skinny dipping A Kent beach has been named one of the best places in the UK for a spot of skinny dipping. Shellness naturist beach on the Isle of Sheppey has long been a haven for nudists. But now, Red Bull’s Adventure Seekers […]

via Shellness beach is among the UK’s top spots for skinny dipping — clothes free life

Naked Dining: A Dream Come True — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

Originally posted on The Naked Jade: Word on the street is that the very first nude restaurant will soon be opening in London, England. In fact, word is spreading so fast about this concept that there is apparently a waiting list of well over 23,000 people anxious to partake in this clothing optional dining experience.…

via Naked Dining: A Dream Come True — Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

Sinister Developments

Found this in The Week recently, relating to UK

This is definitely a socially-damaging trend and must be curbed one way or another. But will corrective measures peripherally adversely affect naturism?

We must face up to our porn crisis

The Times

After terrorism, the overwhelming issue for the police, says Alice Thomson, is the “extraordinary rise in child sexual abuse”. The police now spend £1bn a year investigating child sex offence allegations: Met police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe “has pulled in officers from murder squads and now has a team of 1,150 working on sexual offences”. And what seems undeniable (albeit unprovable) is that this is linked to the ubiquity of hardcore porn. Once confined to the newsagent’s top shelf, it’s now instantly available – to children and to adults – at the click of a button. One site alone, Pornhub, says its videos were watched 87 billion times in 2015 – the equivalent of “12 videos per person globally”. Really nasty stuff is just a few clicks away. Everyone is affected, from children (20% of prosecutions involve peer-on-peer crime between children under 18) to old people (prisons are having to modify cells with orthopaedic beds to cope with the influx of geriatric abusers). This is a societal crisis: society at large must now face up to it rather than leaving it all to the police.

Naturism remains tainted today by misunderstandings in the minds of the public. Naturists are all too aware that many fail to view naturism as non-sexual. There is no direct link between child sexual abuse and naturism of course, but in the minds of some this link may be made.

I hope I’m wrong and what is patently clear is that we must continue to educate the general public by any means possible to our rights and lifestyle:

  • Support naturist organisations and open publications – in UK: BN, NAG, H&E
  • Support your local swims and clubs and encourage others to join in
  • Openly get involved with other naturists: events, clubs, beaches, swims, home visits, dinner parties
  • Open up to social media. Respond to relevant articles and submit fresh contributions to appropriate media
  • Join open groups – closed groups don’t get the message out well
  • Let your family, friends and colleagues know your views. Let people you meet know your views on naturism too (this is not necessarily the same as telling everyone you are a naturist – but this is even better). No need to force the conversation but take every opportunity to stateyour case as it arises.
  • Resist all implications, however vague, that naturism is a sexual activity

This is from a UK perspective but the same applies in all enlightened countries. YNA is setting the standards in USA with increased public exposure.

Any other ideas?

The Naked Rambler Hangs Up His Boots

Naked Rambler puts clothes on to take sick mother for walks without being arrested The ex-marine revealed that his mother had also suffered a stroke. Mr Gough, from Eastleigh, Hampshire, said: “At the moment what’s appropriate is looking after my mum – she needs 24-hour care. “If she wants to go for a wander, I’ll […]

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Another Small Step

But a big step for Wasaga naturists. Wasaga Council has agreed a three-year trial for its clothing optional beach.

This may seem parochial and unimportant in the bigger picture, but is it?  The bigger message here is that naturism is becoming more publicly acceptable – one small step at a time.

When negative stories make the news, such as the recent closure of Mazo Beach in WI due to the unacceptable behaviour of non-naturists, we naturists need all the positive press we can get.

Two steps forward (This week Wasaga and also EDDC reviewing Budleigh beach status), one step back (Mazo), and we’ll get there!

Wasaga council OK with three-year trial for clothing optional beach

Naturists bare complaints during demonstration at Wasaga Beach

Naturists Karole Terry, left, and Carl Dorey enjoy the sun at Wasaga Beach.

Courtesy: Simcoe.com