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Good for him

And in America too!



If this is the way that the world is developing, then that’s great. People should be allowed to be nude on their own property – and elsewhere too when appropriate. Good to sse the cops taking a sensible approach. Oh that was universal.

Päntsdrunk? What’s Wrong With These Scandinavians?

This BBC3 article tells us that “päntsdrunk” is the newest, bestest hyyge, plogging, lagom lifestyle choice.

All it requires is that people stay at home on long cold winter evenings and drink alone, wearing only their underwear. OK! But in their underwear? Really? Drink alone in underwear when you can drink alone in the nude – if you must drink alone? Nude with friends preferably of course. And on the subject of drinking alone at home – well, do you? (OK, I do sometimes. “Got to just finish this bottle. Not much left. Go on then!”).

So what should it be called? nudedrunk? drunknude? You choose!

And by the way: I don’t think for one moment that Scandinavians, known worldwide to be free living and unashamed, would dream of sitting around in underwear. They are nude in family saunas, so why on earth would they? Perish the thought!


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…Or Does It?

WAHN Day 160205

What can I say – I have been tied up with an unexpected project that has not only kept me away from my blog, but has curtailed my naturist life too. But it doesn’t stop me working nude! When the project is at an end, normal service will be resumed.

Frosted Window for Protection

What a compromise. New school gets a frosted glass window so old naturist doesn’t have to change his lifestyle. The world is getting better!

But for whose protection: his from being overlooked without causing problems or the kids from having to see a human body?



[Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

Although the video takes place in Britain. It’s easy enough to say this would happen anywhere around the globe. The thing is, everyone has their own views on body image. Some have their extre… Source: [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page

via [Video]: Britain’s Secrets With Anne Robinson (Body Image) | The Naturist Page | The Naturist Page — All Nudist

I am watching this on iPlayer bit by bit and have seen the segment with Anne’s visit to the home of the naturist Bedford couple and was so pleased to see, despite those strange cloudy things in front of tits and bits, how well this was done and how their natural lifestyle was treated with such an air of normalcy. Anne Robinson’s attitude was excellent and her summary at the end of that segment was so good. I won’t spoil it for you, so do try to watch the programme.

I have to watch the rest yet and don’t know if our naturists reappear later, but no matter, the whole programme so far is very good and very watchable.

Kudos Anne, the Beeb and our excellent Bedford naturists. That segment is a great advertisement for naturism.


A fun article from Naked Wanderings



Oops, didn’t realise we have guests

I mention this because recently, after my siesta, I wandered nude (as usual) into our lounge and surprised my wife and a young Asian lady who works with our company. I was a bit surprised too! They had been sitting chatting. My wife looked startled but our guest burst out laughing. I laughed too and unhurriedly left to put something on. My wife followed me and said she had expected to hear me in the bathroom (my usual post-nap habit) so that she could warn me. She’ s a treasure.

I rejoined them and the incident wasn’t referred to again. Clearly, our guest wasn’t fazed in the slightest and no-one seemed to be embarrassed – certainly not me. My wife saw the funny side of it too and it has since been a private joke between us. Wonder if it is a private joke in our friend’s home too!

I’m sure most naturists have similar tales. In fact, when I think back, I have a few more too.


Naturist home renovator Rob Jenner is arrested – again

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that naturist Rob has again been victimised by neighbouring prudes and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.

Or, alternatively

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that exhibitionist Jenner has again been fittingly reported by righteously-offended neighbours for his anti-social behaviour and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.


Whichever way you care to look at it, and I take the first view, this is great news for the press and bad news for Rob. The prudes seem, unfortunately, to be winning – for now.

I don’t advocate for the freedom to be naked whenever and wherever we please. That’s too much of a stretch in today’s world. But I do advocate for the right to be naked in the privacy my own property and anywhere that my nudity is unlikely to cause offence – or even a stir. Regrettably for Rob, on his street nudity is clearly not acceptable to some. Heed the warning, Rob.

The problem now is that the case on Nov 4 will be less about his right to live his life as he chooses, even with his warning notice (which isn’t going to appease anyone unfortunately), and more about his failure to abide by a previous lawful instruction. He seems to be on a hiding to nothing.

But wouldn’t it be neat if, for once, the world moved on and he is given the go ahead to live his life nude. I know – that ain’t gonna happen! Not yet anyway. But the world is moving on. 50 years ago LGBT was far more offensive than naturism today, and look where that is today. Even 20 years ago, WNBR was a distant dream. Slowly but surely, with the right approach from all of us naturists, time will change. Is Rob a pioneer for us or an offensive eyesore to his neighbours? Both, but he’s made his point and he is going to have to abide by today’s (misguided) laws sooner or later.

The Naked Rambler may have hung up his boots (for now) so are we now going to witness the saga of the Naked Carpenter?

Answers on a postcard to…

Katelyn R: Behind Closed Doors

The Full Title is:

Behind Closed Doors: Being Naked And Feeling Free

Click here for the full article. Behind Closed Doors is a column in The Flat Hat, this one penned by Katelyn Reimer.

This is how she starts the article:

“Being naked is great. I love taking naps naked. I love brushing my teeth naked. I love cuddling naked. In factroom-service, there is not a lot I wouldn’t love to do naked. 10/10 would recommend being naked at all times.” read more

Good luck with that post-grad vacation to a nude beach, Katelyn.

Nudist in the House. — Zjuzdme.org

This post was originally published on Tumblr. Nudist in the house. It can be, and is, a real thrill to be sneaky about nudity. There’s always the chance of getting caught. There’s the risk of what might happen. A lingering question of, “How far can I go?” But that’s not what we’re really asking. We’re…

via Nudist in the House. — Zjuzdme.org

An awesome experience and a great read