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Frosted Window for Protection

What a compromise. New school gets a frosted glass window so old naturist doesn’t have to change his lifestyle. The world is getting better!

But for whose protection: his from being overlooked without causing problems or the kids from having to see a human body?



Different Countries, Different Cultures

This entertaining article about German naturism from The New York Times Style Magazine illustrates how different naturism (or nudism if you prefer) is in different countries. The article discusses German attitudes, fleetingly compared to US, and the differences, as we all know, are huge. Can you imagine city centre (center) parks in DC or NYC allowing clothing optional sunning? Nope, nor me! World’s apart.

But so are the differences within Europe itself. UK is more reserved, as one would expect, and naturists are expected to cover up in public with bare acceptance at nudist beaches, France is the naturist destination of choice for many but is only now getting round to public naturism away from designated nude beaches, Italy is still trying to decide, but Spain – the repressed country of my childhood under Franco – is head and shoulders ahead with nudity no longer illegal anywhere.


We often hike along a France/Spain border trail wondering what reaction we would receive from the authorities of either nation. A moot point – there are hardly ever any other hikers, let alone anyone in a uniform.

Nevertheless, cultures are different and must be respected. But roll on the day when we can all enjoy total freedom of public unclothed recreation in cities, countryside and coastlines and bask in open acceptance by the masses of any western country.


The Maryland Topfreedom Conversation (Hi, neighbors!) — All Nudist

Originally posted on breastsarehealthy: Ocean City, Maryland, September 2016. I’ve gone bare-chested in Ocean City between 20 and 30 times in the last two years. By and large people ignored me, as they should. I just received an E-mail from a female Marylander which opened with, “Hello… today I saw the OC Coastal Dispatch article regarding…

via The Maryland Topfreedom Conversation (Hi, neighbors!) — All Nudist

Naturist home renovator Rob Jenner is arrested – again

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that naturist Rob has again been victimised by neighbouring prudes and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.

Or, alternatively

In this news report in Kent Online it seems that exhibitionist Jenner has again been fittingly reported by righteously-offended neighbours for his anti-social behaviour and was once more arrested. He’ll appear in court on Nov 4.


Whichever way you care to look at it, and I take the first view, this is great news for the press and bad news for Rob. The prudes seem, unfortunately, to be winning – for now.

I don’t advocate for the freedom to be naked whenever and wherever we please. That’s too much of a stretch in today’s world. But I do advocate for the right to be naked in the privacy my own property and anywhere that my nudity is unlikely to cause offence – or even a stir. Regrettably for Rob, on his street nudity is clearly not acceptable to some. Heed the warning, Rob.

The problem now is that the case on Nov 4 will be less about his right to live his life as he chooses, even with his warning notice (which isn’t going to appease anyone unfortunately), and more about his failure to abide by a previous lawful instruction. He seems to be on a hiding to nothing.

But wouldn’t it be neat if, for once, the world moved on and he is given the go ahead to live his life nude. I know – that ain’t gonna happen! Not yet anyway. But the world is moving on. 50 years ago LGBT was far more offensive than naturism today, and look where that is today. Even 20 years ago, WNBR was a distant dream. Slowly but surely, with the right approach from all of us naturists, time will change. Is Rob a pioneer for us or an offensive eyesore to his neighbours? Both, but he’s made his point and he is going to have to abide by today’s (misguided) laws sooner or later.

The Naked Rambler may have hung up his boots (for now) so are we now going to witness the saga of the Naked Carpenter?

Answers on a postcard to…

A Ban On Mooning? How Victorian!

This article appeared a few days ago in The Sydney morning Herald.

Incredible but true, says journalist James Norman: it’s now officially a crime to expose your bare buttocks in public in the Australian state of Victoria. For many Aussies, the sight of partygoers mooning in the street or the occasional streaker interrupting a cricket match is part of life. It might irritate some, but we’ve never felt the need for a specific law “to police such larrikin behaviour”. Yet thanks to a new amendment to Victoria’s Summary Offences Act, people who indulge in these relatively harmless forms of public nudity could now face up to two months in jail. Repeat offenders risk six months behind bars. The law also bans the singing of obscene songs or ballads in public. It’s a ridiculously over-the-top piece of legislation. More than 100 people have pledged to bare their backsides outside the Victorian Parliament House at the next full moon in protest against the new laws, but police have warned them to keep their pants on or face “criminal charges”. Mad. If you go to Germany, it’s not uncommon to see whole families picnicking naked in the park, but here we’re cracking down on mooning. Our “Victorian morality” has made us a “laughing stock”.

Precis courtesy of The Week


Moon River

Paris Naturist Zone – Where will it be?

So, according to this CNN report, Paris is to get its own naturist zone next year. What a sensible move given there is very little opportunity for local and visiting naturists to enjoy the open air in total freedom in this wonderful city. Unless, that is, you are naturist club members (which most visitors are not) or have time for the restrictive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only swimming sessions at Roger Le-Gall pool in 12th Arrondissement.

German cities have long allowed this and Munich has 6 such open locations 

So where will the zone be located? Lac Daumesnil (pictured below) in the Bois delac-daumesnil, Vincennes to the south-east of the city is one suggestion. Another suggestion is the Bois de Boulogne to the west.

Wherever, count us in whenever we have the pleasure of visiting this great city in summer!

Bon chance!


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