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HEALTH: The benefits of daring to bare – Morpeth Herald — All Nudist

While endorsing the advertisement/feature under ‘Lack of sun causing health issues’ Herald, June 23, I confess to being naturist. Source: HEALTH: The benefits of daring to bare – Morpeth Herald

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A neat article by someone qualified by lifelong naturist experience

Magical zone – RFI Publishing — All Nudist

The most compelling reason that I have found though for hiking in the nude, is the ease of sliding into that magical zone of existence while naked. As my freehiking buddies… #freedom #magic #naked Source: Magical zone – RFI Publishing

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I totally connect with this. Hiking nude is exhilarating and it’s true that I connect with mother nature more wholesomely. I’m a birder and photographer and there is nothing better than combining my enjoyment – naturism, hiking, birds and photography – even if I still have to wear several kilos of equipment. As long as that’s all I have to wear…


Birding & Photography Naturally

Bookish update —

Hi there. With July on the way out which means that most of 2016 is already behind us, I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s going on here book-wise. Mirror Earth 2 The end of that book is in sight. I’m working on getting the last chapter in order and shape, which…

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Thanks for the update and good luck with your books, Mr. Walker. You deserve to be read.

I have read several of Walker’s Naked Crow books and Mirror Earth too. His latest Shadow Dancer (Naked Crow 5) is a really good read with strong characters. He is a great storyteller and you have to admire someone who, I believe, is not a native English-speaker, writing in what must be for him a foreign language. Not many in this world can weave an entertaining tale in a foreign language. Kudos.

This means that the written prose is not perfect English, clearly spoken 98% percent accurately but with the inflection of a foreign-speaker. Readers: get over that and admire the content for what it is. Really good reads.

I have to say though that Shadow Dancer was much easier to read with more of an anglicised prose than previous books.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Walker. Looking forward now to Mirror Earth 2.

Shadow Dancer

Cover for a new book —

Hi, yes, here’s a cover for a new book – and it’s not one of my books! My friend in writing, Wallace Greensage, asked for some assistance in creating the cover for his second New Albion book and I made this for him: The book is not available yet but if you’re curious about the…

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Really looking forward to my friend Wally’s new book – the second in the New Albion series. Enjoyed the first book ‘Who Is This Naked Lady?’ immensely.

Where To Go To Be Nude

A hot spell and suddenly the UK regional press is full of advice about where we can enjoy the full benefits of sunning and relaxing – naked of course!

Friendly Beach

And that’s a very good thing, right? Letting people know where to go to be naked outdoors is the best kind of naturist lifestyle endorsement.

But so many articles? What happened?

Could more nudist beaches in North Wales help boost region’s economy?

South Devon nudist beaches: Where are they?

Too hot? Fancy stripping off? Where are the nearest nudist beaches to Cleethorpes?

It’s hot! Here are places in Leicestershire where naturists can go

Nudist beaches in reach of Surrey and Hampshire

Nudist beaches within an hour’s drive of Essex

Nudest (oops – don’t they mean nudist?) beaches on Merseyside claims website

Where are North Devon’s nudist beaches?

The nudist friendly places where you can really cool off in Gloucestershire

Where are the nudist beaches around Plymouth?

And there are probably lots more local press suggestions out there. Great. The more the better!

Let me know if I’ve missed your local advice!