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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…Or Does It?

WAHN Day 160205

What can I say – I have been tied up with an unexpected project that has not only kept me away from my blog, but has curtailed my naturist life too. But it doesn’t stop me working nude! When the project is at an end, normal service will be resumed.

I Love a Good True Life Naturist Story

Stuart Whelan and his wife left their corporate life in Sydney to own and operate a naturist retreat in Nelsons Bay.

For 48-year-old Jenni Parry, becoming comfortable in her own skin has been the best thing about going naturist.

For 48-year-old Jenni Parry, becoming comfortable in her own skin has been the best thing about going naturist.

A Happy Tale

Stuart Whelan, in his early 50s at the time, and his wife, left their corporate life in Sydney to own and operate a naturist retreat in Nelsons Bay, Australia. For Stuart, getting naked in nature was “transformational”.

Don’t you just love a great naturist story?



A fun article from Naked Wanderings



Oops, didn’t realise we have guests

I mention this because recently, after my siesta, I wandered nude (as usual) into our lounge and surprised my wife and a young Asian lady who works with our company. I was a bit surprised too! They had been sitting chatting. My wife looked startled but our guest burst out laughing. I laughed too and unhurriedly left to put something on. My wife followed me and said she had expected to hear me in the bathroom (my usual post-nap habit) so that she could warn me. She’ s a treasure.

I rejoined them and the incident wasn’t referred to again. Clearly, our guest wasn’t fazed in the slightest and no-one seemed to be embarrassed – certainly not me. My wife saw the funny side of it too and it has since been a private joke between us. Wonder if it is a private joke in our friend’s home too!

I’m sure most naturists have similar tales. In fact, when I think back, I have a few more too.


Magical zone – RFI Publishing — All Nudist

The most compelling reason that I have found though for hiking in the nude, is the ease of sliding into that magical zone of existence while naked. As my freehiking buddies… #freedom #magic #naked Source: Magical zone – RFI Publishing

via Magical zone – RFI Publishing — All Nudist

I totally connect with this. Hiking nude is exhilarating and it’s true that I connect with mother nature more wholesomely. I’m a birder and photographer and there is nothing better than combining my enjoyment – naturism, hiking, birds and photography – even if I still have to wear several kilos of equipment. As long as that’s all I have to wear…


Birding & Photography Naturally

Bye bye Africa, for now

I made it back safe and sound after a business assignment in darkest(?) Africa. Whoever coined that hadn’t been to the bright sunny spot that I enjoyed. Hot, sunny, humid, remote, bird-rich (most of the non-game-park animals were devoured long ago), insect-rich (pesky mosquitoes), colourful; a fantastic experience as ever with fascinating friendly people.

I’ve been living and working on and off in Africa for over 40 years. I never get bored with it. Roll on the next visit.

Interesting though that indigenous tribes that once wore as little as the climate allowed now modestly cover themselves and rarely show their natural beauty. Bloody missionaries! Even 20 years ago, open roadside nudity in remote areas at washing holes in West Africa was common. I recall beaches where sunning and swimming nude by all nationalities was commonplace. No longer! African society has moved on and now nakedness has been confined to the regressive repressive morality of many restrictive cultures around the world. What a tragedy. The perfect place (mozzies excepted) and little opportunity for us nudists (except at South Africa’s fine naturist resorts).

But…I do know one or two remote spots on this vast continent! Seek and ye shall find…

It’s good to be back to my corner of Southern France though. Beaches, hiking, sunshine and no mozzies.



on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison — clothes free life

My clothes free life and musings I am a resident of Jamaica in the Caribbean. I have been a nudist for many years and i enjoy the practice. I personally have a nude yoga practice and i enjoy practicing yoga clothes free however nudity is not acceptable in Jamaica. I teach yoga to various individuals […]

via on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison — clothes free life

Comment: not much about naturism in the Caribbean as I’d hoped but a good article nonetheless.

Outdoor Nudity Promotion By Non-Nudists

I know – it doesn’t make sense to me either. But this excellent post is by someone who claims in the dialogue that he and his wife are not nudists because they don’t spend time at home naked and restrict nudity to occasional outdoor experiences.

‘Nudist’ and ‘Naturist’ are merely handles. Call yourself whatever you like or nothing at all. This is everyone’s personal choice. No need to deny or defend the pleasure of being naked though – indoors or out, full time or part time – it’s simply the joy of being without clothes at your own pace.

Welcome to our world.

The only time you are noticeably at a nude club, resort or beach is when you’re clothed.

via Naked Time is Summer Time: Five Answers to Your Concerns about Getting Naked this Summer — OurClothingOptionalTrips

Twitter boo — Zjuzdme.org

Hi everyone, Here a quick note from vacation even though I had promised to leave you alone. It seems that someone arranged for my @zjuzdme twitter account to be deleted. I don’t know who did that, now why. I sent word to twitter asking them what happened and in the meantime I opened a new…

via Twitter boo — Zjuzdme.org

I’ve reconnected to this twitter account, but who would do such a thing? Do we have ANY control over our social destinies?